We Are Entertained - Someone Great

We Are Entertained: ‘Someone Great’

It’s the last week of March Movie Madness! Could this get more exciting? ‘Captain America: Civil War’ vs ‘Wonder Woman.’ Marvel vs DC, man vs woman, indestructible shield vs irresistible lasso, dorky-goody-two-shoes hero vs goddess-like heroine: you get the picture. For our final matchup we’re taking it up a notch—everyone who casts a vote will also be entered to win a Steam Link courtesy of the We Are Entertained podcast! One lucky listener will be announced along with the victor of March Movie Madness on our ‘Avengers: Endgame’ episode. Make sure you don’t miss it. Get your votes in now!

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We Are Entertained - Captain Marvel

We Are Entertained: ‘Captain Marvel’

‘Captain Marvel’, what a great way to kick off March Movie Madness! This week represents the first Marvel Cinematic Bookend for our March Movie Madness Comic Book edition. We’ll be tallying your votes and crowning a comic book movie champion just in time for the release of Avengers: Endgame. Make sure you vote early and vote often: who do you think belongs in the Comic Book Final Four? 

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We Are Entertained-Ralph Breaks The Internet

We Are Entertained: ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

Yowzers, we’ve got a humdinger of an episode for you this week. Not only do the boys give their take on ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ but we have two very special guests of the very small Wickersham variety! Chloe, who you hear Chris talk about all the time, and Lucas, who is the most little brother of all little brothers, drop in and share their perspective on RBTI. You don’t want to miss this one!

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We Are Entertained - Solo

We Are Entertained: Solo

It’s all over the news, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ is being called a failure. What did the boys think? I can’t reveal all of our secrets, you’ll have to listen for details, but I will give you a clue and say that our thoughts were more positive than negative. We do talk a little bit about what other people are saying about the movie but we’re sure you’ve read everything everyone else has said – tune in and find out what we loved, what we hated, and what baffled us about ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’. 

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We Are Entertained - Rampage

We Are Entertained: ‘Rampage’

After an unexpected week off, the boys knock the rust off with a sure-fire winner and what must surely be the 37th feature film for The Rock of 2018, ‘Rampage.’ There was a long time where Chris couldn’t quite wrap his head around the phenomenon of The Rock but this movie may just have pushed him over the edge. What do you think, are we entering a phase where there’s just too much The Rock or would you be happy with a new feature every week starring His Muscleboundness? 

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We Are Entertained: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’

A very strange collection of entries in the world of cinema this week. Despite fierce criticism and intense opposition from Chris, the boys took on ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ as this week’s feature. One of us wound up loving it, the other was a bit let down. Surprise, both of us thought it was a terrible movie! That bit of confusing nonsense just about sums up our show this week; give it a listen and see if you can piece together what we thought of this movie. I’d sure love to hear your opinions on it!

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We Are Entertained - Game Night

We Are Entertained: Game Night

This week we take on the new comedy ‘Game Night,’ which confused the heck out of us during planning because normally “Game Night” doesn’t show up on the calendar without beer and beefy queso to accompany it. (Can you say 3-for-1 on Tostitos Scoops?) The boys went into this one with wildly different expectations, but their reactions may surprise you.

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We Are Entertained-The Shape of Water

We Are Entertained: ‘The Shape of Water’

This week’s show is just full of delight. Delightful ramblings, delightful performances, delightful cinematic experiences. Just delightful! It might be a difficult ask in this busy award show season, but if it’s playing in your local cinema you have absolutely got to get out and see ‘The Shape of Water.’ It’s going to get nominations, it’s going to be talked about, it’s going to be on your short list of favorite movies this year. Trust me. It’s delightful.

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We Are Entertained - Coco

We Are Entertained: ‘Coco’

This week the boys feasted on Pixar’s latest animated wonder ‘Coco.’ Much like the actual theater experience, if all you’re interested in is hearing what they thought, feel free to fast-forward through the insufferable Disney/’Frozen’ nonsense at the beginning. Bonus points if you can guess which of us got up and walked out of the theater to complain about the wrong movie being played! 

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We Are Entertained - Murder on the Orient Express

We Are Entertained: ‘Murder on the Orient Express’

We really missed Richard this week. Why does he have to spend so much time actually making movies instead of sitting around talking about them?! Join us as we dive into the latest adaptation of Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and struggle mightily to pronounce the name of the miraculously mustachioed hero Hercule Poirot. Also, apparently, Chris doesn’t know who Kenneth Branagh is? Strange. 

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We Are Entertained - American Assassin

We Are Entertained: ‘American Assassin’

This week, we dive into the thrilling world of Mitch Rapp in the movie ‘American Assassin.’ This adaptation of Vince Flynn’s electrifying novel of the same name is sure to get everyone’s heart pumping and, if true to the novels, provide the world with a fresh look at the spy thriller. Should you get into the theaters to see this one or just curl up with a nice PSL and get lost in Flynn’s novels? Tune in and find out what our boys thought!

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