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With Richard traveling once again, Matt and Chris are left to do battle over Christopher Nolan‘s newest film Dunkirk. I don’t think two people could walk out of a movie theater with a bigger difference of opinion. This one’s definitely a split decision; whose corner will you wind up in?

We open this week’s show by responding to a few audience questions and discussing the winner of this week’s Movie Trailer Poll, Ready Player 1. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorite segments and we’re loving the audience interaction–keep it up!

Chris embarks on another journey into geographical unknowns as he shares his experience watching the new Netflix original Ozark. It’s a difficult show to talk about because he can’t quite decide if he likes and, more importantly, why he keeps watching it. Matt seems convinced to give it a try, and no one is really sure if that’s a good thing or not. Have you seen it? What do you think?

Matt takes another step towards completing his Christopher Nolan dance card and watches the director’s first film Following. It’s a strange film and provides even stranger insight into the Mind of Matt as he takes the listeners on a trip down memory lane. Matt shares that this is a great film for someone who is really interested in the art of creating film, but he isn’t sure that it’s something you’d enjoy sitting down and watching with a TV dinner (Do they still call them that?). Do you agree?

Finally, we get down to the business of Dunkirk. Without Richard’s sultry vocal stylings to ease the tension, things get a little intense. One of us thinks this is going to be an Oscar contender and the other thinks it might be Nolan’s biggest miss ever. This is a serious film nerd throw-down and only you, brave listener, can decide who wins. Chime in on social media and let us know whose side you’re on!

Parents, be sure to check Dave Banks‘ post 10 Things Parents Should Know About Dunkirk before you take your little ones to see this one.

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Tune in next week to hear our reaction to Atomic Blonde!

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