Dogsled team in 'The Call of the Wild'

Ten Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Call of the Wild’

Beautifully photographed, the latest film version of ‘The Call of the Wild’ is a warm and family-friendly adventure story. Perhaps too family-friendly. The film follows the same basic story as the novel, with a deliberate softening of most of London’s dark and violent moments in order to produce a PG-rated version, and minimizes or eliminates the book’s bloody confrontations. The resulting film is entertaining, but somewhat inconsequential, though it may spur some viewers to read the source material.

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Han Solo and Chewbacca in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story.'

10 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Solo, the latest entry in the Star Wars saga is a fast-paced action movie, a heist film, a love story, a buddy picture, and also incidentally an origin story for one of the best characters in the franchise. Ever wonder where Han Solo came from? How he met Chewbacca? What happened between him and Lando Calrissian? What the heck is the Kessel Run? Those questions are just the jumping-on point for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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