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  • Word Nerd: It’s Inflammable!Word Nerd: It’s Inflammable!
    Every so often, somebody will email me about words and meanings. Sometimes it’s a suggestion for words that they’ve seen misused (most recently, invasive when …
  • Word Nerd: Rock and RoleWord Nerd: Rock and Role
    Since today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day," I decided to build this whole installment around America's Favorite Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, AKA Johnny Depp. …
  • Word Nerd: Malaprops & MondegreensWord Nerd: Malaprops & Mondegreens
    It sounds like a sequel to Bedknobs & Broomsticks, but malaprops and mondegreens are our stock in trade at Word Nerd, so I thought I'd …
  • How to Organize Your Game Closet Like a BossHow to Organize Your Game Closet Like a Boss
    It won't be easy. Tears will be shed. Cardboard papercuts will probably occur. But you can do it. You can organize your game closet. I …
  • Word Nerd: St. Patty’s DayWord Nerd: St. Patty’s Day
    Today's Word Nerd strikes close to home for me. I'm half-Irish; my grandfather was from Galway and my grandmother from Cork. My grandfather's name was …

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