We Are Entertained - Rampage

We Are Entertained: ‘Rampage’

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We Are Entertained - Rampage

Feature Film: Rampage

After an unexpected week off, the boys knock the rust off with a sure fire winner and what must surely be the 37th feature film for The Rock of 2018, Rampage. There was a long time where Chris couldn’t quite wrap his head around the phenomenon of The Rock but this movie may just have pushed him over the edge. What do you think, are we entering a phase where there’s just too much The Rock or would you be happy with a new feature every week starring His Muscleboundness?

What’s Been Entertaining Us

Chris was so frustrated when Blockers showed up on the calendar as the movie of the week that he subconsciously transformed the calendar entry to read A Quiet Place. We all know that Matt shies away from horror movies but this one came out of the gates swinging and is poised to be the sleeper hit of 2018. It’s possible that Matt can be convinced to see it; the only question is whether or not Chris thinks it’s worth the effort to change his mind! Let us know what you think: should Matt go see it, and, if he does, should he bring popcorn into the theater with him?

Matt confounds us all with his rousing endorsement of a movie he can only describe as having both liked and disliked immensely at the same time. Confused? That describes Miss Sloane in a nutshell according to Matt. It’s a movie that we think will be ruined by spoilers and Chris was challenged to watch it, so tune in next week for a little bit deeper discussion of the film.


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