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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 114: Dee Wallace

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Cujo was the first Stephen King book I ever read – as a highly impressionable 4th grader. It scared the bejeezus out of me. Then I watched the film, and it terrified me even more. The movie made a heck of an impression on me then, and those memories continue to this day. Much of that is thanks to Dee Wallace, who carried much of that film on her back as the badass mother who goes up against the killer dog from everyone’s worst nightmares.

But perhaps you know Dee Wallace best as the mother from E.T. who doesn’t realize she has an alien living in her house.

Over the years, Wallace has starred in hundreds of films and television shows – and has really carved out a niche in the horror genre for herself. Indeed, some of her earlier roles have become cult classics: The Hills Have Eyes and The Howling among them.

This week on the show, we chat with Wallace about her career, her role on the Amazon Original Just Add Magic, which film she’s proudest of, breaking new ground as one of the first single mothers depicted in film (E.T.), her own mother, and much more.



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