GBBP 182: Patrick Rothfuss

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 182: Patrick Rothfuss

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This episode was a long time coming. We were originally scheduled to talk to Pat Rothfuss back in the fall, but life intervened, and it fell off the radar. Luckily, he’s good people, and we were able to finally reconnect and get this done. The timing is also perfect since this week is the annual Geeks Doing Good fundraiser he runs through Worldbuilders (his geek-centered nonprofit that supports various humanitarian efforts). The fundraiser only runs for a week from June 4-11, so don’t delay! There’s lots of great stuff there.

One of the distinct pleasures of having an interview-focused podcast is, obviously, the many conversations I’m fortunate enough to have with so many incredibly talented people. And believe me, over the past few years and couple hundred episodes, I’ve had a LOT of great conversations. The best of those, however, are the ones that go so far off script that I just toss out my questions and discussion points. And this episode is a phenomenal example of when that happens and something absolutely brilliant results.

On this episode, we talk about Geeks Doing Good, Worldbuilders, why he supports Heifer International, crazy people online, billionaires, shrinking attention spans versus thousand-page epics, the Three Little Pigs, writing for smart people, and T.S. Eliot’s—ahem—manhood.


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