‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Featuring the Seattle Avengers

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Loki and Thor sit down together for ‘Infinity War.’ Photo by Girl With the Blue Hair Photography.

The Seattle Avengers (of which I am a member) were invited to help Seattle Cinerama with their Thursday night premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. We had an amazing collection of some fantastic cosplayers, and I wanted to share the event and photos with our readers! There are no spoilers in the photos below. While we did somewhat recreate some scenes from the trailers, none of us had yet seen the movie before these photos were taken.

Seattle Avengers and friends. Photo by Hudson Michaels Photography.

As a little background, the Seattle Avengers is a community service group that does charity events in Seattle, bringing quality costumed heroes (and sometimes not so heroes) to events for everyone to enjoy.

The Seattle Avengers gathered at Seattle Cinerama. Photo by Rhoscoe Photography.

Seattle Cinerama is the best theater in Seattle (and arguable North America) for pop culture movies and when they invited the Seattle Avengers to help with the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, we were stoked. The Seattle Avengers gathered almost twenty amazing cosplayers for the event–Black Panther is @imnotbradpitt, Black Widow is @rubyecho, Ironman is @stark_pnw, Captain America is @LeftCoastAvenger, Scarlet Witch is @a2cosplay, Hawkeye is @J4Props, Thor is @DiegoCosplay, Loki is @billythebrick, Korg is @Rawrbomb, Star-lord is @TheOmnus, Gamora is @The.Queen.Bee.Cosplay, Drax is @SentinelofSeattle, Mantis is @Scarlet.castle, Thanos is @jerryalmond, and Valkyrie is @big.m.little.o.

Thor and Valkyrie yearning for Loki’s Tesseract. Photo by Rhoscoe Photogrpahy.

As a professional costume and prop maker, I can honestly say Loki stretched me in new ways as I made this costume from scratch, doing the majority of the work in just the past two weeks (I literally finished the last piece 30 minutes before heading to the theater).

Everybody Dies? Nope! Photo by Hudson Michaels Photography.

In addition to working both Thursday night showings, in between showings we also got to do a bunch of photos outside and, since we weren’t sure of the outcome of the movie, we decided a shot with everyone dead would cover our bases.

Dr. Strange, Loki, Thor, and Korg versus Thanos. Photo by Rhoscoe Photography.

We also did our take on this scene from the trailer. Everyone was absolutely on point with their costumes.

Billythebrick Cosplay as Loki.

Here is a full shot and some details on my costume specifically. The entire costume was made by me from scratch using stretch vinyl and EVA foam from TNT Cosplay Supply. The helmet and horns are a resin kit from @knowonesdesigns. The Tesseract was printed on my @raise3d N2 using @matterhackers PRO PLA. The dagger was made using @bjbenterprises TC-802 resin for the hilt and TC-814 aluminum filled resin for the blade. The daggers are available in my shop and I’ll be making patterns available soon for all of the armor and costume pieces!

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Here is a small gallery of more Avengers photos from the event!

How about you? Did you dress up or attend a special event for Avengers: Infinity War? Did you see the Seattle Avengers at Cinerama (or outside of the Amazon building)? Share your Avengers costume photos with us!

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