We Are Entertained - Oceans 8

We Are Entertained: ‘Ocean’s 8’

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We Are Entertained - Oceans 8

Feature Film: Ocean’s 8

What can you say about this week’s movie? It seemed like it has everything going for it: star-studded cast, iconic franchise, media hype out the wazoo, a disappointing showing by Solo. We’re ripe for another runaway hit. Sigh, if only. I think if there’s one thing the boys could say about Ocean’s 8 it’s this… it was fine. Luckily, there’s a lot more they’re allowed to say; after all, it’s their show and they make the rules! Tune in and tell us if we completely missed what made this week’s biggest movie a hit.


We’re really enjoying the new homework segment of the show and we hope you are too. As a reminder, after we share what’s been entertaining us over the past week, we challenge each other to check out that particular film, series, or book and bring feedback to the next show. This week Matt’s homework was to watch the HBO feature film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Last week Chris was on the fence about the movie but wondered if it had to do with his love of the Ray Bradbury novel it was based on. Spoiler alert—it wasn’t. Chris was challenged to watch the Netflix original film Cargo as well as the award-winning short film it was adapted from and report back his take on the quality of the adaptation. I think you’ll really like this segment. We enjoyed recording it. We’d love to get your feedback and hope you’ll consider joining in on the conversation—homework for everyone!

If you’re thinking of checking out this movie with the kids, be sure to head over and check out the GeekDad post about 8 Things Parents Should Know About ‘Ocean’s 8’ first. Tell ’em Chris sent ya!

What’s Been Entertaining Us

On this week’s show, we turn in a pair of Netflix originals for your consideration. Chris was once again tempted by the Netflix suggestion algorithm and clicked through to watch Alex Strangelove. This film was held up to be very similar to a film from earlier this year that Chris really enjoyed, Love, Simon, but it didn’t quite hit all the same marks. Listen in and see if it’s a film you’ll want to sit down and watch. Honest warning—we wouldn’t recommend letting the kids watch this one even though all the marketing seems to point it towards a really young audience.

Matt kept plugging along on his quest to see all movies named after Paul Simon songs and watched the film KodachromeThis is a really interesting film that is not quite a true story but is definitely “ripped from the headlines” in the style of Law and Order. Starring Jason Sudeikis, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ed Harris (not Ed Helms, despite the idiocy of Chris during recording), it receives high praise from Matt and we’re hoping everyone gives it a watch before we discuss it in depth on next week’s show.


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