‘Mythica: A Quest for Heroes’ Review and Exclusive Clip

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Mythica Group Shot

We’ve all been there: stuck inside the house, when what we truly would love is to be out adventuring and taking up some quest or another. Bring on the dragons! The orcs! The really cold chainmail and furry undies (Yeah, I’m looking at you He-Man!). Alas, the only quest we ever see as adults are of the “Honey, have you seen my keys” variety. Bring on the diaper changes! The soup in a cup, so we can slurp it down on the way to work! The go-to-sleep-and-do-it-all-again-tomorrow! That being the case, thank goodness for escapism and wonderful adventure fantasies like Arrowstorm’s Mythica: A Quest for Heroes.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is the first chapter of a trilogy of films, starring Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) and Melanie Stone (Survivor). It is a tale of a handicapped slave girl, who overcomes her captor and her disability and sets out to discover the adventure and freedom that she so craves. It premiers Tuesday, March 31, exclusively on CONtv, the Netflix for nerds (or geeks). Mythica was made possible through the donations of 1,527 backers, raising over $94,000 through crowdfunding on Kickstarter.


Mythica Gojun and Marek

In the first film of the series, the weight of the story is laid heavily upon Stone’s Marek, as Gojun, Kevin Sorbo’s Wizard character, is only onscreen for just over three minutes. Though, their interaction is brief, it does a fine job establishing both the mentoring relationship between the two, and Marek’s strong desire to master magic. This scene also foreshadows the danger in the world around them.

Mythica is derivative of Lord of the Rings and many other epic fantasy storylines from books, video games and the silver screen. But that’s okay. It’s one of those stories that could be told a million different ways and would still remain classic. For a fresh approach, though, this time around the protagonist is female.


There is a person in peril in the form of a priestess, captured at the beginning of the film. The priestess’ sister Teela hires Marek, who must pull together a reluctant, ragtag band to accompany them in a rescue mission. She chooses a brave swordsman/soldier and a womanizing-but-lovable elf/thief. There are battles aplenty with bands of orcs, hulking ogres, and even [shiver] a clutter of canine-sized spiders.

The journey is rough going as Marek’s team must learn to mesh while facing frozen terrain and dangerous foes. In the end, of course, bonds are formed, a legend is born, and the stage is set for Mythica: The Darkspore and Mythica: The Necromancer debuting later this year on CONtv.com.

Images and Video courtesy of Arrowstorm Entertainment

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