We Are Entertained - Atomic Blonde

We Are Entertained: ‘Atomic Blonde’

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We Are Entertained - Atomic Blonde

This week the boys jump in and share their reaction to Charlize Theron‘s new action thriller Atomic Blonde. As is to be expected, opinions on this one are as varied as the bruises Ms Theron’s character sports throughout the film. What do you think, trite rehash of a played out genre or a subtle and clever reimagining of the spy thriller? At least everyone agrees that the Atomic Blonde soundtrack is an explosive success!

Chris gets things rolling by sharing his experience re-watching a film in a new context. As listeners probably know, Chris isn’t much of a re-watcher but his experience this week with The Imitation Game might be enough to convince him to partake more often. The conversation is deep and introspective and might just change the way you experience film.

Richard braves the wilds and checks out the highly controversial film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Let me be clear, it’s only controversial in the sense that people either hate this film with the passion of a thousand planets or they adore it and praise it as a creative masterpiece. Which angle did Richard take? Let’s just say he has some professional advice for Director Luc Besson.

Matt caps of the first segment by once again reordering our Netflix Must Watch queue. Errr, well with a HBO Original series. I’m not sure how that works but, according to our beloved host, you need to see HBO’s The Night Of immediately. We don’t get a lot of detail about this one because he’s desperate not to spoil the plot but I think his anger at himself for not watching it sooner is a pretty convincing argument for bingeing on this one.

Let us know what you think!

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Make sure to tune in next week as we dive into The Dark Tower!


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