We Are Entertained - American Assassin

We Are Entertained: ‘American Assassin’

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We Are Entertained - American Assassin

This week, we dive into the thrilling world of Mitch Rapp in the film movie American Assassin. This adaptation of Vince Flynn’s electrifying novel of the same name is sure to get everyone’s heart pumping and, if true to the novels, provides the world with a fresh look at the spy thriller. Should you get into the theaters to see this one or just curl up with a nice PSL and get lost in Flynn’s novels? Tune in and find out what our boys thought!

Richard kicks things off this week with a semi-deep cut by sharing his thoughts on Inglourious Basterds. (Yes, spellcheck, that’s right!) What follows is a raucous take on every film student’s favorite subject, the body of work of our beloved Quentin Tarantino. Whether you think he’s an overused meme or one of the finest filmmakers of our generation, you can always count on him to generate a passionate discussion.

Speaking of passionate discussion, Chris devotes a huge chunk of screen time this week to a subject that’s quite personal to him: he’s six hours into Ken Burns’ new documentary The Vietnam War. This effort by the beloved filmmaker and inspiration for everyone’s favorite iMovie effect is awe-inspiring in both its massive volume and its scale. Needless to say, if you love documentary filmmaking, this is one you have to get on your list.

Matt rounds things off by taking a trip down memory lane with a Netflix Original called Jerry Before Seinfeld. This outstanding work is part autobiography and part stand-up routine and features Jerry Seinfeld taking the stage in the club where he got his start. If you love Jerry Seinfeld, this is a must-see.

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