Dice photo by Dave Banks

Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for Week 39 — Sept 23 – 29, 2017

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Dice photo by Dave Banks

Arrrr, CMON announced more Second Tide expansions for Rum and Bones. (Check out our review of the base game.) The Iron Inquisition features vile magic conveyed by coins from Davy Jones’ locker and The Hammers of Ragnorak brings glory and vikings to the game. Both are available beginning today.

Can’t get enough of Legend of the Five Rings? The revisit to the old school game is getting a lot of attention for its beautiful art (and anticipated release next week). Fantasy Flight has given a preview of a beta for an RPG based on the universe. You’ll be able to sign up in the near future and we’ll tell you about the details when they become available.

Fantasy Flight also gave a preview to the upcoming Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn. Get a sense of how the game will play on what looks like a modular board. You can pre-order the game, which releases in October.

Plaid Hat announced another game in the Specter Ops line. Broken Covenant, no release date yet, has a new map, all new characters, and equipment too and is completely compatible with Shadow of Babel.

Stronghold will soon be bringing Indian Summer to shelves. The game, which follows Cottage Garden in a Uwe Rosenberg puzzle trilogy, is now available for preorder. This game will have players covering a forest floor with leaf tiles. Perfect timing!

Ticket to Ride: My First Journey became available on iOS, Android, and Steam this week. The kid-friendly version of the cardboard classic allows play against up to three friends (or varying levels of AI) and has two maps — North America and Europe. There are even unlockable rewards to help kids build their geography knowledge.

While it may seem too early to be thinking about Gen Con, it’s not because the Best Four Days in Gaming is giving away 18 four-day badges, beginning Monday. Just visit their Facebook post for the chance to enter for your chance to win.

Renegade Game Studios, who already made my year when they resurrected the North Sea trilogy, announced this week that they would also be bringing the expansions Hall of Heroes and Fields of Fame. Look for both to be on shelves this year.

Bezier Games is now taking preorders for The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, the sequel to one of the best games of 2014, Castles of Mad King Ludwig. In Palace, all players work on a single structure, trying to make the most and best contributions. Palace will hit shelves in December.

What else can you find on shelves soon?

  • Action Phase Games (Heroes Wanted) has the long awaited BEEEEES!, a frantic dice rolling game coming out next week.
  • Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate will be on shelves. The D&D themed version of the long popular Betrayal at House on the Hill arrives just in time for the spookiest month of the year.
  • Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game challenges you to grow up, solve problems with either hard work or empathy, and fight the world! The comic-themed game is available next week.
  • If you liked Robinson Crusoe, you’ll find a lot of commonalities with First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet, in stores now. In space, everything is trying to kill you and so is designer Ignacy Trzewiczek in this 1–4 player set on Mars.

At GeekDad, we write a lot about tabletop games. Here’s what we’ve written about this past week:

  • Jonathan Liu had three posts, all Kickstarter-related. The first looks at the end result of another amazing sequel to Evolution, this one called Evolution: Climate. It’s available as both a stand-alone or an add-on if you already have the base game. He also clued us in to Tyler Sigman’s Crows, which has some neat art and lots of crow tokens. It’s a new edition of an older game. Finally he did a roundup of eight other Kickstarter games you should be aware of.
  • I told you about Wizards of the Tabletop, a coffee table book that combines great photography and stories about some classic modern games and the people who brought them to life.

Finally, here’s what some of the GeekDad Crew has been playing this week:

  • Jonathan Liu : Queendomino, Tyler Sigman’s Crows, Apocrypha, By Order of the Queen, Deckscape: The Fate of London, Evolution: Climate, Flip Ships, Sentient, Sunset Over Water (upcoming Kickstarter)
  • Z: Creepiest Pet Shop, Tomb of Annihilation Board Game
  • Ryan Hiller: Pathfinder RPG, Starfinder RPG
  • Dave Banks: Charterstone, Charterstone, Charterstone, Charterstone, Charterstone, Sentient, Istanbul, New York Slice, Pit Crew
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