Dining Table to Gaming Table in Seconds Thanks to Tabletop Companion

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Photo: Rory Bristol

Why are pro-level gaming tables so difficult to obtain? Unfortunately, most people still need a kitchen or coffee table, making gaming tables are largely impractical. Add complication by factoring in spouses who aren’t thrilled to have a room taken over for D&D for any time other than Game Night, and it’s difficult to justify the expense for a specialized piece of furniture. With Geek Chic gone, the availability of tables has further decreased. Finally, I decided to KISS the problem, and turned to Tabletop Companion.

Tabletop Companion is a large-scale gaming mat which converts your standard table into a great gaming surface. The mat is two sided for versatility, featuring a felt side and a rubber side. Much like the place mat-sized mats Magic: the Gathering players are used to, these cover the entire table, instead.

Photo: Rory Bristol

For card and standard board games, the felt side reduces noise from dice rolls and provides a soft surface for playing cards to rest on. This also keeps card sleeves from sealing themselves to the surface.

Photo: Tabletop Companion

For tile-based games such as Settlers of Catan or Carcasonne, the textured rubber side prevents the tiles sliding around. This side is also good for dice rolls because the dice don’t roll quite so far, and are less likely roll off the table.

Photo: Rory Bristol

I have the Tabletop Companion Complete. It comes with both available sizes, 24″ x 36″ and 36″ x 48″. With just the larger, I cover all but a couple of inches on my long-ish dining table. When I pull out the considerable leaves, the combination of mats covers the table perfectly. Be sure to measure your table (and any leaves, if needed) before ordering, so you know that you’re getting the right one for your needs.

Photo: Rory Bristol

I usually use both mats, stacked as shown. This sets off the primary gaming area from individual players’ decks. This is especially good for deck building games such as Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle or Dominion, where players’ decks can be distracting if too close to the main card area.

Photo: Tabletop Companion

The Tabletop Companion is shipped in a map case, with free shipping on all orders. Mine arrived after 30-ish hours! Of course, I’m close to their shipping location in California, so I’m bound to have quicker shipping. But even as far as Maine, shipping is usually 5 or fewer days. Apologies to our international readers: Tabletop Companion does not ship out-of-country.

This product turned out to be exactly what our family needed. Of course, you could take the lead from Ryan Hiller, a fellow GeekDad who actually built his own gaming table. But I wanted something more practical, easy, and affordable. Tabletop Companion sells their mats for $49 and $79 per mat, or $109 for both (a $19 discount). You can also get custom sizing through their website.


The Tabletop Companion game mats are a great option for gamers who want a better gaming experience, or to save wear and tear on their furniture and game pieces. It’s simple, affordable, and stores easily in the tube it’s shipped in. It’s also quite durable, and has free shipping in the US. You can order units through their website exclusively at this time.

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