descent into avernus

‘D&D’ Descent into Avernus: Session 6

As Reya told her tale, Alan and Co. listened intently. They took credit for distracting her captors and explained how many cultists they had already killed. Reya was evidently disappointed at missing some of the fun. Just then the sounds of fighting and yelling came from the next room. “Betrayed! I am betrayed! 100 gold to anyone who defends my honour.” With that, Arvene kicked down the door: “Get em boys,” she yelled as the skeletons piled in.

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descent into Avernus

‘D&D’ Descent into Avernus: Session 4

Although unable to revivify the body, they did manage to identify it. Dugg recognized Regnet Amcathra, the idiot heir to a noble dynasty. Clearly these cultists were serious if they were taking on untouchables like that. Dugg was furious, this was his city. Not theirs. Arvene agreed. Alan rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. It looked like there was going to be more murdering on the menu today after all.

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