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‘D&D’ Gift Ideas – 10 Top Gifts for a ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Fan

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Looking for D&D gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

D&D Gift Ideas

Selecting the perfect present is never easy, especially if you know someone has a specific hobby but you know very little about it yourself. In many households the world over, there are spouses, parents, progeny, and friends all scratching their heads, trying to come up with the perfect D&D gift. So what do you buy a Dungeons & Dragons fan? Here’s my top 10 D&D gift ideas for both players and DMs.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Dice and Miscellany

Like the previous Dice and Miscellany sets from WotC, this is a great addition for players wanting to immerse themselves into the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. The Witchlight Carnival Dice & Miscellany makes a perfect D&D gift for players and Dungeon Masters alike. It contains a full set of dice, reference cards with notable NPCs and campaign information, a very nice map of the Witchlight carnival, and a useful felt-lined dice box for rolling those critical hits. 

D&D gift

Awesome Rainbow Skull Dice

At no stage in my D&D career have I ever thought, “You know what, I think I have enough dice now.” And these dice are so pretty and that they would make an excellent additional to any dice collection. They come with a beautiful eye-catching dice bag too. In fact, anything from wyvernshoard.com would make a fantastic D&D gift.

D&D gift ideas

A D&D Cookbook

Heroes need feeding and what better way than with a Heroes’ Feast? The recipes in this cookbook make me hungry just thinking about them. Featuring such classics as Bytopian Shepherd’s Bread, Iron Rations, and Orc Bacon, this cookbook is a must for true adventurers and makes an excellent D&D gift.

D&D gift 

Dungeon Master Screen

Any in-person game of Dungeons & Dragons just isn’t complete without a DM Screen and the Dungeon Master’s Screen: Dungeon Kit from WotC is a fantastic resource that will make any DM smile. It includes a screen with terrific artwork of a dank, fungus-filled dungeon, handy reference cards for initiative and player conditions, and 36 geomorph map cards which you can use to create a unique dungeon whilst you play. 

D&D gift


Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is an excellent compendium of all things dragon. From playable races to lairs and hoards, this tome really has it all. The perfect D&D gift for someone who already has the “Dungeons” bit covered. With over 70 dragon-based creatures and monsters, ranging from Ancient Deep Dragons to Egg Hunters, and from Hoard Mimics to Draconian Mages, this will make the ideal gift for players and dungeons masters alike.

D&D Gift


Geeky Clean Bath Bombs

Combining everyone’s favorite things: bathing and dice! Because nothing says “I love you” quite like a range of beautifully crafted, RPG-themed, vegan cosmetic products. These Awesome Bath Bombs come in a number of funky polyhedral designs and, once used, leave behind various dice ready to use in your next D&D game. Personal favorites include this Bardic Inspiration mystery dice set and this Bad News Vox Bathina set from campaign one of Critical Role.

D&D gift


Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

The latest guide to being a great DM from Mike Shea at Sly Flourish helps Dungeon Masters streamline their preparation and think about only the essential elements for bringing about a great story. If your DM loves running sessions but struggles to find the time to plan their games, then this is the solution. Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master is available in both hardback and Kindle editions and contains everything your DM will need. They will thank you every time you play.

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

TTRPG Carry Bag

When you’re heading to a D&D game you need a trust worthy bag to hold all your kit. This Hard-Shell Travel Case has slots and spaces for all your tabletop roleplaying game needs. With removable storage for minis, dice rolling trays, spaces for your handbooks and campaign books, room for dice and cards, and more, this storage solution is an ideal D&D gift for any Dungeon Master or player on-the-go.




Maps and battlemats really bring a live game of Dungeons & Dragons to life, and there are many options to choose from when it comes to picking up the optimum mat. This Battlemat Starter Set from Tidyboss contains all the bits your Dungeon Master needs to move their game from the theater of the mind into the real world. It comes with three double-sided wipe-clean battle boards, dry erase markers, dice and clips—now all they’ll need is players and miniatures and they’ll be good to go. 


Critical Role Munchkin

Fans of Critical Role will not be disappointed with the attention to detail given to Munchkin: Critical Role—cupcakes, cloven crystals, and even a saucy romance novel fills the set, and you’ll get to play as your favorite characters getting into hilariously recognizable scrapes. Read the GeekDad review here.

Munchkin: Critical Role


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