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We Are Entertained: ‘A Simple Favor’

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We Are Entertained - A Simple Favor

The boys are back this week and, in the spirit of football season, Matt calls an audible. Instead of fulfilling last week’s promise and seeing The Predator, we take a somewhat predictable turn and check out the latest Anna Kendrick movie (surprise, surprise, surprise) A Simple Favor. What do you think, did we make the right call?

In addition to A Simple Favor, Chris decided to finally catch up on a show that he has been meaning to watch for years, The Americans. Luckily this series is available on Amazon Video and free to stream for Prime members, so we can gorge ourselves on one of the finest shows (if I do say so) to come around in years. The show recently completed its final season and, though it struggled somewhat in the middle years, finishes on an incredible high note. Must-watch TV!

Matt, however, was not as pleased with his selection. He forced himself to watch season 2 of Iron Fist, something he regretfully informed Chris that he needs to watch in order to keep up to speed on the Marvel universe. But first Chris needs to see Luke Cage season 2. And Jessica Jones season 2. And Iron Fist season 1. Basically, Chris has a whole semester project in front of him just so he can watch what Matt calls a necessary disappointment. Bummer, dude. The good news is, apparently, that it gets better the longer you watch it, so maybe a case of beer and a few bags of Funyuns will go a long way towards helping Chris get through it.

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