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We Are Entertained: ‘American Made’

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We Are Entertained - American Made

Things get a little intense this week on the show. Blame it on world events, blame it on family issues, or just chalk it up to three guys who get deep inside one another’s heads week in and week out. Either way, as the boys discuss what is largely a forgettable Tom Cruise vehicle, American Made (sorry for the spoiler), the conversation turns inward and we discuss what it means to be on this show and do what we do with a complexity that might be difficult for some people. We hope you’ll stick with us. We all believe that these are the types of conversations that bring people closer and help us reveal ourselves to our listeners.

Richard kicks things off (after our weekly MoviePass update, of course) sharing his thoughts on the new Discovery Channel docudrama Manhunt: Unabomber.  The guys reflect on their own memories of the hunt for the Unabomber and discuss some of the more disturbing facts surrounding the case. Chris brings up Hitler. In retrospect, I believe this should have been the indicator that this episode was going to take a crazy turn.

Matt jumps the usual order and takes the number two spot to talk about the Fall lineup. Another early indicator that this episode is going to go full bananas. He and Chris gush a bit about The Orville and agree that The Inhumans might be their least favorite Marvel adaptation ever.

Chris rounds things off by sharing his thoughts on an Amazon pilot that he is incredibly excited about, The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselThere isn’t a lot to say about this show other than it’s incredible and we can’t wait until Season 1 drops. Think of it as a 1950s version of Gilmore Girls, except funny. And with nudity.

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Stay tuned next week for our take on Blade Runner 2049

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