We Are Entertained: Hostiles

We Are Entertained: ‘Hostiles’

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We Are Entertained: Hostiles

This week the boys revisit the topic of films being “snubbed” at the Oscars as they tackle what can only be called the best film of 2017 with no Oscar nominations. Do yourself a favor and get out to the theaters and see Hostiles and then immediately listen to this episode!

Chris kicks things off (after the obligatory MoviePass update!) by talking about Netflix’s original film Bright. This movie is an enigma and the conversation leads Matt to bring up the issue of talking about movies you don’t like on the show. Should we do it? Should we only talk about movies we like or do you, our faithful listeners, love hearing about the good ones and the bad ones alike.

Matt talked about how surprised he was to really, really enjoy the 2016 film Nerve and Chris was really, really surprised that Matt didn’t remember that Chris’ friend’s sister knows the author of the book it was adapted from. We can only describe this film as the most Millenium-ized movie ever produced.

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Tune in next week as we change things up a little bit and talk about Netflix’s acclaimed film Mudbound.

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