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We Are Entertained - Baby Driver

Our foray into a slightly different format continues as Matt and Richard are invited to a screener of Baby Driver and Chris has the opportunity to interview them and find out what they thought of the latest offering from Edgar Wright. Is the most shocking take away that Chris has never seen an Edgar Wright film before? Tune in and find out!

Chris kicks things off by talking about HBO’s Vice, a rapid fire take on documentary film making. One of the more interested things about being able to go back and watch a series from the beginning is having the ability to travel in time and try and remember what the world was like when the first episodes aired. Vice goes back 5 years and it’s shocking to think about how different the world was such a short time ago.

Richard gets his book on and shares his thoughts on Rob Reid’s hilarious and thought-provoking novel Year Zero. Chris takes the opportunity to put his foot in his mouth but some good does come of it as Richard opens up about his struggle with reading. The conversation gets fierce when the boys start debating whether reading can only be done with the eyes.

Things start to get controversial when Matt talks about one of this young summer’s biggest flops. Tom Cruise stars in a remake of The Mummy that has critics shrieking in terror but Matt takes issue with their assessment. Tune in and find out what he thought about this box office stinker and let us know if you agree with him or not.

Finally, the boys have a chance to chat about this week’s feature, Baby Driver. Chris goes into the conversation assuming this is going to be even worse than The Mummy based on the trailer but Matt and Richard have a compelling argument to make. Part of the problem, it seems, is that Chris is entirely unaware of the alleged filmmaking genius of Edgar Wright. Will the boys be able to convince him to take this film seriously and give Baby a chance? There’s only one way to find out, tune in!

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