We Are Entertained - Game Night

We Are Entertained: Game Night

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We Are Entertained - Game Night

This week we take on the new comedy Game Night, which confused the heck out of us during planning because normally “Game Night” doesn’t show up on the calendar without beer and beefy queso to accompany it. (Can you say 3-for-1 on Tostitos Scoops?) The boys went into this one with wildly different expectations, but their reactions may surprise you. As part of our love for tabletop gaming, we’re asking listeners to send us their favorite or go-to game for a night in with friends. Let us know, and listen to the show to hear what we’ve got planned for two lucky listeners who share!

Chris is entertained this week by a trip down memory lane. While surfing Netflix he discovers the series Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States and is reminded of a time when the History Channel was non-stop WW2 documentaries and any Sunday afternoon could be filled with the delicate sounds of warfare on PBS. Originally produced for Showtime and accompanied by a companion book of the same title, this series has all of the controversy you’d expect from an Oliver Stone production.

Matt accidentally watches another movie about Dunkirk this week and is thoroughly impressed. What’s more surprising is that it’s another Saoirse Ronan film. Could she be crowding out Anna Kendrick as the focus of Matt’s actress obsession? Either way, he highly recommends you check out Atonement, and let us know your thoughts about The Dress.

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