We Are Entertained - The Commuter

We Are Entertained: ‘The Commuter’

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We Are Entertained - The Commuter

We weren’t sure how this week was going to turn out. When you pick the featured movie specifically because you know it won’t be nominated for an Oscar, you’re really rolling the dice. Things worked out pretty well, however, and we actually enjoyed The Commuter aka “Taken on a Train.” Tune in and let us know if you agree with our take on this Liam Neeson vehicle. (See what I did there? :P)

Chris turns back the clock and watches a relic from his childhood with the family. In this film, a young boy joins a band of dwarves on a jaunty adventure in search of treasure. No, we’re not talking about The Hobbit! This one is so much better, and with a frame rate that won’t give you a headache! Of course it’s  the classic time-travel film Time Bandits! Wow, what a journey back in time. Thanks, Filmstruck!

Matt takes a slightly different angle and checks out a movie from way back in 2014 called Chef. Without spoiling too much of the film, it’s easy enough to say that Matt is kicking himself for not having seen this one sooner and Chris was tempted to watch it as soon as this episode was in the can. Matt thinks it may be the best movie he’s seen so far this year. What do you think? Either way, you have to check out the soundtrack. It’s phenomenal!

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Tune in next week to hear what we think of 12 Strong.


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