We Are Entertained: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’

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We Are Entertained: Pacific Rim Uprising

A very strange collection of entries in the world of cinema this week. Despite fierce criticism and intense opposition from Chris, the boys took on Pacific Rim: Uprising as this week’s feature. One of us wound up loving it, the other was a bit let down. Surprise, both of us thought it was a terrible movie! That bit of confusing nonsense just about sums up our show this week; give it a listen and see if you can piece together what we thought of this movie. I’d sure love to hear your opinions on it!

As always, our quest is to find something entertaining that can inspire conversation between friends and hopefully engage the listeners. I think we did a good job this week. Chris finally got the chance to see a movie he’s really been wanting to see since he saw the first trailer, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Turns out Matt saw the very same movie this week and a lively discussion ensues.

Matt was all set to bring the Wonder Women movie to the show as his selection this week (maybe we should try to actually schedule this a little better… nahhhh) but luckily he decided to watch The Killing of a Sacred Deer, a movie so strange he had to show Chris a clip of it before they could even begin to talk about it. Have you seen it? Did you see The Lobster, another crazy movie by director Yorgos Lanthimos? We’d love to hear what you thought about either or both of these films!

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