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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 26: Old Wounds and Harsh Words

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Spring is here. At least on paper. In reality? Well, down here the weather is temperamental, to say the least–and a number of our friends out west are still experiencing snow. So what’s a podcaster to do? Simple; I improvise!

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00:44 Kirby Krackle – “Booty Do Math (feat. Adam WarRock) [LIVE]
04:14 Talking / Sixto Sounds – “Acetone
05:00 Soup or Villainz – “S.P.E.C.I.A.L
08:00 Yeezer – “(And They) Say it Ain’t So”
12:22 Stemage – “Mercury
15:02 Helen Arney – “You and Me and Walt Disney
18:09 Dino-Mike – “Urban Dictionary (feat. Bonecage)” (content warning)
20:40 More talking / Sixto Sounds – “Acetone”
21:48 Thundering Asteroids! – “Circle Pit Robot
23:44 Snoot – “Netflix & Pills
26:58 Mega Ran – “DDT (feat. Doug Funnie)
29:41 Wockenfuss – “We All Have Rainbows to Look At
32:06 Even more talking / Sixto Sounds – “Acetone”
34:26 Optimus Rhyme – “MC Chipmunk” (content warning)

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