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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 13: Lucky Number

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Experience the pleasure┬áthat can only be found in the music of Canada’s pride and joy, Jesse Dangerously and the Wordburglar, with brief sojourns back to the proverbial day with Optimus Rhyme and MPFM. All that and┬ámore can be found in this edition of Radio Free Hipster.

You can listen below or download episode 13 directly. If you subscribe to the RSS feed you’ve already got it. Because you’re a winner.

These show notes are ORPPRB-branded.

00:44 Wordburglar – “Word The Frig Up” (content warning)
03:55 Talking/BGM: Videogame Orchestra – “Island In The Sun (Belmont’s Revisal)
04:39 Kirby Krackle – “Vault 101
07:50 Optimus Rhyme – “Ping Pong Song (feat. MC Frontalot)
12:44 Mega Ran and Storyville – “Waste My Time” (content warning)
16:09 Steven Universe – “Stronger Than You (DJ RoboRob Remix)
19:18 More talking/BGM: Videogame Orchestra – “Island In The Sun (Belmont’s Revisal)”
20:29 Chamber Band – “Constitution
24:07 My Parents Favorite Music – “Coffee” (content warning)
26:48 Dethlehem – “Mystic Island
31:04 R_Garcia – “Close to You”
34:53 Even more talking/BGM: Videogame Orchestra – “Island In The Sun (Belmont’s Revisal)”
36:36 Jesse Dangerously – “Pumpkin Spice Swag (cold and flu season)” (content warning)

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