Kids Read Mean Tweets: Bullying Is Different But Still the Same

One doesn’t need to grow up as a geek in order to have been bullied, but it certainly helped. My parents and older brothers helped me cope with being bullied, as they had gone through the same experience. As a parent, I should feel confident that I can help my son through such inevitable tough times, but the landscape of bullying has changed. With the internet came anonymity, a comfortable distance from targets, and a much more public voice. Bullying in the 21st century is quite different from what I experienced as a child. A new viral video campaign from the Canadian Safe School Network seeks to help start the discussion.

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Crowdfunding Basics

Crowdfunding Basics: A Primer

Here at GeekDad we write about a lot of crowdfunding projects—mostly on Kickstarter, but also on Indiegogo and various other platforms. We often assume you already know all about Kickstarter. But if you haven’t ever backed a campaign, you might not be familiar with crowdfunding works and what you should expect. Here’s a primer on what you should know before you pledge.

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Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup: Take Two

I did warn you about April—I could just about give you a “Kickstarter a Day” calendar. Fellow GeekDad Dave Banks expressed some concern about the number of “Jonathan Liu just backed a Tabletop Games Project” emails he’s been getting about Kickstarter, but unfortunately Quitstarter isn’t a reality yet. Here are a few projects that are sequels—follow-ups to existing things that I like.

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