Indiegogo Alert: ‘Con Man’ by Alan Tudyk

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Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are making a call out to all Browncoats.
Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are making a call out to all Browncoats.

It’s been thirteen years since Firefly was cancelled and yet the sting of its absence is still present. Some of us cling to the irregularly-released comics, loving the consistent storytelling. Others need a little more immersion, either looking toward the board game or new video game. However, none of those coping tactics will ever truly fill the spaceship-sized hole in our hearts.

It looks as though the fans aren’t the only ones with an oddly shaped heart-hole. Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion have teamed up and launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new online show called Con Man. The premise of the show has a fictional television show called Spectrum that was cancelled too soon, where Fillion was the captain of a spaceship and Tudyk, the pilot. In the years since the show’s cancellation, both frequent the con scene, though Tudyk is the down-on-your-luck Wray Nerely and Fillion plays Jack Moore, who has grown to ridiculous levels of fame.

The campaign’s video showcases Tudyk and Fillion reminiscing over their own show that was also cancelled too soon, also revealing that fellow former Firefly friend, Gina Torres, will be on the cast as well as other nerdy celebrities, including Seth Green, James Gunn, and Felicia Day. It’s an easy bet that they’ll be able to sneak in more former sci-fi actors into the series, but that lineup alone is enough to whet any browncoat’s whistle.

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It looks like a series of schadenfreude fueled laughs at Alan Tudyk's expense.
It looks like a series of schadenfreude fueled laughs at Alan Tudyk’s expense.

The campaign was launched last week with a goal of $425,000 to fund the filming of three episodes. That goal was shattered in the first day. In fact, they broke an Indiegogo record by raising $1 million in the first twenty-four hours. At the time of this writing, they’re just under $2 million, having reached most of their stretch goals. The campaign has now unlocked twelve episodes. The producer, PJ Haarsma, mentioned in the comments that the episodes will each be ten minutes in length.

They’ve also released their first teaser:

It looks to be a great campaign filled with a lot of engagement from the community and the organizers. They’ve posted a new video for every stretch goal broken and the $1,750,000 goal video seemed to be specifically for us Browncoats. While Con Man may not have been what we Firefly fans were exactly asking for, it may be exactly what we really wanted.

For more information, visit the Con Man Indiegogo page.

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