ChickTech: Supporting Women in Tech

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Chick Tech

As a dad of three daughters, I often wonder whether my kids will choose to enter the tech field, and what sort of barriers they may encounter there. So I try to battle the “math is dumb” attitude, and I’m always interested in programs that encourage girls to get into STEM, like the Girls Make Games Camp I’ve mentioned before. Here’s another program I just found out about recently because it was started by some women here in Portland–though it is expanding to several other locations.

ChickTech is a non-profit that aims to put more women in tech–starting by giving high school girls the opportunity to work on technology projects. Their programs are totally free for the students, so they’re raising funds on Indiegogo to expand their reach. Currently they have chapters in Portland, Seattle, and the Bay Area, but they’re hoping to add several more cities in the coming years.

Take a look at their fundraising page for more information. My own kids still have a few years yet before they’re in high school, but I would love to see them get involved in this once they’re old enough.

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