Hand holding up an LG G7 ThinQ smartphone

GeekDad Goes Hands-on With the LG G7 ThinQ

The LG G7ThinQ plays it safe compared to previous year models, adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) features already found in competitors’ smartphones, and improving their already impressive screen, camera and audio capabilities. What makes it different is built-in ThinQ AI software that takes top-of-the-line hardware and makes it feel alive. LG Canada invited GeekDad to try out their new device.

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Cast members from Odd Squad season one and two

‘Odd Squad’ Heads to the Theaters

Following an epic 40-episode first season, educational TV show ‘Odd Squad’ returned this month to PBS (and TVO in Canada) with a new team to investigate strange, weird, and generally odd events using math and problem-solving. Bridging the seasons, ‘Odd Squad: The Movie’ will unite the two casts and even get a one-day big-screen release in Canada.

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YouTube Kids Main Screen

YouTube Kids Goes Worldwide

Google launched YouTube Kids earlier this year to accommodate parents who want to ensure that little eyes and ears only have access to regulated and curated quality entertainment. Originally only available in the United States, Google has now pushed the service to several other countries including Canada and the UK.

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