LEGO Yule Log

7 Fireplace Yule Log Videos for GeekDads

LEGO Yule Log
A Fireplace for any geek. Image courtesy Kooberz Studios

Once a novelty only a few years ago, burning a Yule log on the television instead of a true fireplace has become common practise. Blu-rays, cable channels, and online video services all have their contributions. Here are some variations on the traditional fireplace that will appeal to the Geek in all of us. All are at least 1080p so pick one and enjoy during this holiday season.

Christmas Fireplace 4K (1 hour)

Santa brought you a brand new Ultra HDTV and nothing short of 2160p will do. When cranked to its maximum resolution this video might eat your CPU for lunch. While YouTube doesn’t support surround sound, the crackling fire is crisp and clean. If you have a UHDTV with YouTube built in (or your computer is powerful enough) then enjoy this 4K beauty so detailed, you can practically see oxidation at the molecular level.


Darth Vader Yule Log (5 hours)

Keeping the Star Wars spirit throughout the year is the responsibility of all GeekDads. While a bit morbid for a family fireplace, the sentimental epilogue to the Original Trilogy is a fitting mix this year as the Saga is revived with Episode VII.


Minecraft Yule Log 2014 (2 hours)

There are a few Minecraft-themed options one can find, but this feels the most homey. It comes complete with stockings and Christmas tree. No doubt someone with more expertise than I have could build this for themselves, but for now I’m going to sit back, kick my feet up, and enjoy my cup of Potion Nog.


8-Bit Fireplace (90 minutes)

The velvety motion betrays that this isn’t a true 8-bit masterpiece (for that you can look here, complete with brain-numbing MIDI music). Even still, the smooth animation and crackling fire allows it to blend in with the background, the goal of any good Yule log video.


LEGO Yule Log (11 minutes)

There’s no shortage of LEGO-loving GeekDads on this site every day. It’s a bit short, but this simple stop-motion photography and impressive diorama makes this a great video to play for the holidays.


Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’ (45 minutes)

Simple and sophisticated. Sometimes all a dad needs is a quiet drink with a good friend.


Lil BUB’s Very MOST Magical Yule Log (1 hour)

The Internet’s second-most favorite cat has just posted his annual Yule Log video, and gives us an alternative to the crackling fire with an hour of purring. Lil BUB’s entry remains a favorite of mine for the benign joy of nothing more than a warm fire and a happy cat.

There are a lot more Yule log videos out there. What are your favorites? What is the most unique you’ve seen? Post them below in the comments.

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