Cast members from Odd Squad season one and two

‘Odd Squad’ Heads to the Theaters

Cast members from Odd Squad season one and two
Odd Squad: The Movie ties in cast members from the first and second seasons. Image credit TVOntario

Following an epic 40-episode first season, educational TV show Odd Squad returned this month to PBS (and TVO in Canada) with a new team to investigate strange, weird, and generally odd events. The half-hour show teaches kids to build their math and problem solving skills. Bridging the seasons, Odd Squad: The Movie will unite the two casts and even get a one-day big-screen release in Canada.

Although the series debuted in 2014, it only recently completed broadcasting season 1. Each episode contains two 12-minute segments where preteen agents track down odd things happening, and try to solve them CSI-style using math and problem solving skills. The writing can be surprisingly clever and funny, and the series has regular appearances by familiar comedians like Sean Cullen and most of the “Kids in the Hall” comedy troupe. As a dad, I’ve sat down and watched many episodes with my son. The clever writing and bizarre, dry humor occasionally catches grown-ups like myself off guard.

At the end of season one, central characters Olive (Dalila Bela) and Otto (Filip Geljo) leave to start their own Odd Squad department. The new season airing now focuses on academy graduate Olympia (Anna Cathcart) and the mysterious Otis (Isaac Kragten). Odd Squad head, Oprah (Millie Davis), remains with the show, and Oscar (Sean Michael Kyer) will continue as resident scientist for at least a few episodes before Oona (Olivia Presti) takes over as the gadgets specialist.

Things change for the agents in Odd Squad: The Movie as Olympia and Otis encounter competition from Weird Team, adults who appear to solve strange problems before Odd Squad gets a chance. Cast members from both seasons team up to prevent Odd Squad from shutting down and sending everyone back to being just regular kids. The full feature will debut on PBS August 1st, and will be available to stream in the United States through and through the PBS KIDS app. The PBS KIDS website has also launched a variety of new Odd Squad educational games and activities that tie into broadcast events.

The movie will also broadcast on TVO on August 1st. It will also be available the and the TVOkids YouTube channel. The movie will also be released in theaters across Canada for a one-day only showing in conjunction with Cineplex theaters. As a part of the Cineplex Family Favourites series, tickets are only $2.99 per person and a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting Free The Children. Viewers are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character from Odd Squad. Show time is 11:00 am on Saturday, July 16. Tickets are already on sale at participating theaters.

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