Infant giggling while parent plays with him.

Catch That Perfect Baby Smile With Dimples Photo App

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Infant giggling while parent plays with him.
Dimples is a new app launching on Kickstarter that lets the app capture those precious moments while you play with your child. Photo: Greg Goralski

Go back centuries and new parents will always exclaim “she smiled! I swear she just smiled at me!” While the memory of seeing a child’s first smile can last a lifetime, the moment can be easily missed by delayed camera shutters or slow automatic focussing.

What’s worse is when that moment has been missed as you sit behind the camera screen, waiting, and the child’s momentary joy (or just gas, you never really know) is met with the sound of a camera click instead of a parent’s squeal of delight.

Attempting to solve both these problems is new app, Dimples. Running on iOS, it uses facial recognition to spot that elusive moment when a child smiles, then snaps a series of photos allowing you to choose the best. The Kickstarter just launched, but you don’t need to wait until it ends to get access to the beta app.

An infant smiles while an iPhone snaps photos of him
The Dimples iOS app takes care of catching that perfect photo while you play with your child. – Photo: Greg Goralski

Once you’ve pledged $8 CDN (about $6 USD), you get immediate access to the functional beta version of the app. GeekDad confirmed that all the features you see in the video are already in the app, meaning you don’t have to wait until the October 2017 launch date to start taking beautiful photos of infant smiles.

Most camera apps aimed at new parents add social media features or stickers, but few address the issue of spending your child’s formative years behind a camera trying to catch that perfect photo. Dimples lets you set up your iPhone, run the app, and focus on what really matters: being a parent.

By partaking in the beta, the developers will also be asking you to contribute ideas on new features and functionality. While much of the communication with beta testers will be through the Kickstarter page, feedback functions will be built into the app and surveys sent out to find what new features users want to see.

Since it wouldn’t be a Kickstarter without Pledge Levels, the developers are also offering options including softcover or hardcover photobooks fulfilled through Picaboo. The $40 CDN pledge level includes the app and a code for a 20-page 11×9 hardcover Picaboo Classic Photo Book, redeemable following the October launch. The $25 CDN level offers a softcover version, but the best deal is for the first 20 people who snatch up the early-bird softcover for $20 CDN.

Photos of hardcover and softcover photo books available for purchase from Picoboo
Hardcover and Softcover photo books are available at different pledge levels, making the Dimples app and even greater investment. Photo: Picaboo

There are no plans yet for an Android version, but the developer is open to the possibility depending on the success of Dimples. Right now the app has been tested and works on iPhone 5S and up, iOS 9 and 10 (hoping to add new features for iOS 11), and should also work on iPad 4 and newer.

The Kickstarter is short at only three weeks, but worth the pocket change to catch those unmissable moments both on camera and in person.

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