Nanoleaf Bloom Product Photo

Nanoleaf Reinvents the LED Bulb

Nanoleaf created an LED lightbulb two times more efficient than those made by larger competitors. Not a small feat when those competitors have been making light bulbs for over a century. Not content with just building a better bulb, they’ve continued to innovate by creating a dimmable bulb that doesn’t need a dimmer switch, a wirelessly connected bulb, and low-power spotlights.

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SPARK Core close-up

STEAMLabs Crowdfunding a Workshop for Maker Kids

Teaching kids a new way of learning is not an easy task. It gets even more complex when trying to integrate it with traditional school curriculums. Andy Forest and Mariane Mader created the non-profit STEAMLabs to connect kids with a method of learning that encourages creativity and imagination when learning about Math, Science, and Technology. Their Kickstarter aims to put the right tools in the hands of kids so that only their imagination is the limit. There are also some pretty good rewards for donors both near and far.

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Kids Read Mean Tweets: Bullying Is Different But Still the Same

One doesn’t need to grow up as a geek in order to have been bullied, but it certainly helped. My parents and older brothers helped me cope with being bullied, as they had gone through the same experience. As a parent, I should feel confident that I can help my son through such inevitable tough times, but the landscape of bullying has changed. With the internet came anonymity, a comfortable distance from targets, and a much more public voice. Bullying in the 21st century is quite different from what I experienced as a child. A new viral video campaign from the Canadian Safe School Network seeks to help start the discussion.

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First Look at The Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer

Fox has unleashed the first look at The Fantastic Four (2015) by releasing the teaser trailer today. While it’s still yet to be seen if the movies (the sequel has already been green-lit) will take place in the same universe as the X-men films, the mood is very familiar. Both franchises share writing and producing credits, and Director Josh Trank hit gold with his directing debut in 2012’s Chronicle which has a fun but dark, character-driven narrative.

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