Time Tub Twins Book Cover

Augmented Reality Book Encourages Kids to Read

Time Tub Twins Book Cover
The Adventures of the Time Tub Twins aims to engage your little ones with a physical book and augmented reality app. Image courtesy Dara Technologies.

Even if your little one reads a lot, how much time do they spend in front of a book as compared to screens? Time spent with tablets, TV, and smartphones can easily outnumber time spent reading, which may only be 30-60 minutes. Augmented Reality book The Adventures of the Time Twins aims to engage children using an Android or iOS app in combination with the children’s book.

Time Tub Twins engages children with more than simply on-screen toys. Actions on the screen can lead to branching story lines allowing ample replay value. Character customization will initially be limited, but options will be expanded in the future. There will be a variety of on-screen toys to play with as well.

Print and 3D Time Tub Twins
Print and 3D animation fuse together to make an interactive storyline to engage kids with reading. Image courtesy Dara Technologies.

To get it off the ground, Dara Technologies is crowdfunding their first venture through Indiegogo. Perks include the book with accompanying app for iOS and Android, augmented-reality reactive stickers with independent mini-games, and donation options for a school or association of your choice.

Margara Padilla, co-founder and CEO at Dara Technologies, answered some of our questions about the project.

GeekDad: Is there character personalization beyond choosing colour schemes (e.g. glasses, clothing)?

Margara Padilla: Yes. Kids love creating their own avatars and our intention is to give them more options besides colour schemes (different hair style, outfits, body types etc.). However we plan to gradually increase the complexity of the personalisation in subsequent software updates. For our first version of the app we’ll commit to at least being able to personalise: hair colour, skin colour, outfit colour, and glasses/no glasses.

Character personalization
Character personalization will be an important component of The Time Tub Twins, with more options to be made available in future updates. Image courtesy Dara Technologies.

GD: Are there hidden toys to interact with on the pages?

MP: Yes, there will be! Kids will be able to combine them to create different inventions in the Twins’ laboratory.

GD: Is there potential for future story branches in subsequent software updates?

MP: Yes, that’s something that we definitely have in mind. One of the most exciting parts of this product is that thanks to the app we’ll be able to offer more content to use with the book, e.g. more possibilities for the story, extra contents for a particular scene, etc.

Time Tub Twins Labratory
The pages of the book provide the setting, while an Android or iOS app lets kids choose their own story. Image courtesy Dara Techologies.

GD: What sort of “magic” surprises will be in store with the stickers?

MP: In each of the stickers there will be a little mini-story that children can play with. Something like what we show in the demo video, but a bit simpler.

GD: Can you confirm that the book will be supported on Android and iOS, and the stickers only on Android?

MP: Yes, the book will be supported on both Android and iOS. We’ll try to make the app that comes with the stickers also available on iOS, but unfortunately we can’t commit to it because of Apple’s strict publishing rules (the app that we’ll develop for the stickers might not be complex enough for Apple to approve it).

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