Get Back on the Board

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SkaterTrainers on board 2Most people would not know it to look at me, but I was a skateboarder in my younger days. Even through college, I would putter around campus on my board and try not to hurt myself too bad. Fifteen years later, I can barely stand on a board without ending up on my tail end. When I saw the IndieGoGo of a guy my age who was trying to get back on the board after 25 years, it really caught my attention.

Thank goodness he is a designer! His product, SkateTrainers 2.0, cover the skateboard wheels and prevent the board from rolling. Simple concept and a great product! I remember when I was a kid, learning all of my tricks in the front yard. The board would not roll and if you fell, the ground was soft. SkateTrainers 2.0 takes that same concept, but allows the skater to practice anywhere. Just check this kid out here:

SkateTrainers 2.0 are in the last days of the IndieGoGo campaign now. I have a set that was sent to me and I love them – they really work. Check them out now while you can still get them early! SkateTrainers 2.0 at IndieGoGo

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