Ex-Isle Feature

Superheroes vs. Zombies… On the Ocean!

Fans of Peter Clines’ ‘Superheroes vs. Zombies’ series of novels are undoubtedly walking around with grins on their faces right now. The fifth book in the series, ‘Ex-Isle,’ was released on February 2nd and it delivers exactly what fans of the series have come to expect: zombies galore, survivors pushed to the brink, superheroes striving to protect the remaining human population as best they can, and tension… pure tension… in every chapter.

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Run Fight or Die

ZOMG! Zombies Invade Gen Con

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for zombies. But, hey, apparently so are lots of other gamers. There are tons of zombie-themed games (Last Night on Earth was one of my first and still one of my favorites) and more coming all the time. Here are just a few that I saw at Gen Con this year that I think are worth mentioning.

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Ex-Communication Cover

With Superheroes and Zombies, It’s All About Ex-Communication

When most geeks think of crossing superheroes with zombies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Marvel’s zombie universe. In that universe, however, most of the Marvel superheroes are zombies themselves, not fighting the good fight any longer. It made for an interesting twist, but I quickly lost interest after the first few story arcs. I prefer my heroes to be just that… heroes. In a world filled with zombies, I’m more interested in seeing how superheroes would survive and deal with the aftermath of a worldwide infection and the small number of survivors they would be protecting. And that’s exactly what has been delivered in Peter Clines EX-series of books.

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