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Each year we go to great lengths to provide and exhaustive list of Father’s Day gift ideas – from books and wearables to tech toys – yet each year I field some form of the following question from at least one of my close friends or internet acquaintances:

“Yeah, but what if I want to get my father something different?”

For those among you whose fathers skew a bit more toward the eccentric, I present this eclectic addendum. It boasts a trio of items that are sure to delight even the most discriminating dad.

Griffin Woodtones

Griffin WoodTones

Headphones aren’t exactly a novel gift idea, but Griffin’s WoodTones are a definite exception. Crafted with genuine, hand-tooled wood – beech, sapele or walnut – the enclosures of these classic over-the-ear-style ‘phones look as good as they sound. With rock solid bass and warm, pleasing vocal response, WoodTones offer an audio experience on par with pricier cans paired with a truly unique look. Thick, plush ear pads help to isolate the sound, and the detachable 3.5 mm cable boasts the standard inline mic and play/pause/answer/hang-up controls alongside a helpful next and previous track function. Sure, you can cop your pop another pair of Beats knock-offs, or you can score some WoodTones and add a little class to his listening experience.

Zombie Gnomes

Zombie Gnomes by Chris and Jane

If your dad has an eye for the macabre, nothing spices up a well-manicured lawn like a little undead ornamentation. Hand casted, painstakingly painted and properly weather sealed to prevent discoloration, these zombified gnomes are available in a variety of styles. Maybe you need a multi-piece set featuring desperate survivors or the jaunty look of a ghoulish gnome skewered by a pinwheel. Or perhaps, like me, you’ll be taken in by their ever popular “Bye Bye Birdy,” a piece featuring a trio of tiny zombies feasting on a fallen flamingo. Either way, your horror-loving father will be delighted, and the local homeowners association will be summarily terrified.

Block Coasters

FanGamer Swag

I was originally going to spotlight FanGamer’s “Power Mitt,” the ultimate kitchen accessory for grown-up Lucas Barton, but the shop is a proper treasure trove of gamery goodness sure to please any geeky dad. They’ve got mugs and canteens, coasters and toasters and, of course, tees. Not to mention music from the likes of The OneUps (featuring frontman and unofficial GeekDad Mustin.) If your dad’s a devotee of a particular game or franchise, be sure to look into FanGamer’s exquisite Combo Packs. Because nothing says “I love you” quite like an instant Ness cosplay kit.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Griffin Technology, Chris and Jane’s Place

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