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For the GeekDad Who Has Everything

Each year we at GeekDad spend the month of June compiling Father’s Day gift ideas, and each year I make it a point to step out and assemble some suggestions for those of us who are, shall we say, difficult to shop for. From the exotic to the plain ol’ pedestrian, here are a handful of gifts for dads with eclectic tastes.

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Happy Whose Day?

For Father’s Day I’d like to give thanks and wish a happy day to my mom, and to all the other moms who were also dads. My mom raised five kids as a single parent after divorce, went to the sports games and concerts, went to all the school conferences, fixed all the broken things, kissed all the scraped knees, paddled the bottoms, tucked us into bed, took care of all our needs, was proud of us, all while working one or two jobs. Mom escorted me down the aisle at my wedding.

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Dads in ads

Dads in Ads, Changing Trends in Fatherhood

I’d planned to write a post about some of my recent musings on fatherhood, but we’re experiencing end-of-school craziness (particularly because it’s my oldest daughter’s last week of elementary school ever), and over the weekend I was busy taking my kids to birthday parties and the park, and my one-year-old is teething so she hasn’t been sleeping at nights. You know, the usual work stuff.

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