6 Perfect Books for Father’s Day 2017

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For Father’s Day 2017, fill Dad’s brain with something new.

Whether Dad wants more jokes, more trivia, or wants to geek out, a book is always a great gift.

Here are 6 perfect choices for any Dad. Grab them on Kindle, paperback, flexicover, or hardcover, whichever you think Dad will use the most!

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The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book
Join your favorite hero or heroine from the DC Universe for a side-splitting good time. From laugh-out-loud quips to pun-ishing groaners, there’s a joke for every Dad you know. My favorites include:

Where does Superman go to play cards by himself?
-The Fortress of Solitaire
What vocal part does Barry Allen sing?
-He’s a Barry-tone.
If Batman’s lunch is in Ohio and Superman’s lunch is in Illinois, where is Wonder Woman’s lunch?
-In Diana.

On Amazon starting at $9.20 for paperback.

Image: Thunder Bay Press

The Battles of Tolkien

David Day has put together an insightful collection of Middle Earth battles both small and large. From Aesir to Zirak-Zigil, this is a thorough guide to each of the epic battles and the surrounding histories of Middle Earth. Each battle is accompanied by maps, timelines, and other illustrations poised to being the world of Middle Earth to vivid life.

Mr. Day points out a sad and telling truth of Middle Earth in the introduction:

“For undeniably it is in battles and wars that the fates of nations and races are finally determined.”

The introduction also includes a section titles “J.R.R. Tolkien at War” which covers the major events of both world wars and Tolkien’s personal relationships with them.

On Amazon starting at $9.99 for Kindle.

Image: Chronicle Books

How to Drive

In this practical autobiographic advice book, Ben Collins promises:

“I’ll show you how to drive more smoothly than a jazz band surfing a soap dish down a butter mountain.”

Don’t mistake. This isn’t a book for teens and young drivers only. Many of the lessons he’s learned came to him as an adult through his experiences in NASCAR, and the sets of Top Gear and James Bond. In the style of a true storyteller, he relates lessons about physics, handling your car in dangerous situations, and the many pitfalls any driver might fall into over time.

He also warns, from personal experience:

“The desire to tinker with machinery, push personal boundaries, and ignore the advice of crusty old men with too much time on their hands is a trap that most of us have fallen into somewhere along the line.”

I, for one, am guilty of this, and it was great to hear the perspective of a not-yet crusty man who has so much to share through his humorous and frank narrative.

On Amazon starting at $9.99 for Kindle.

Image: Chronicle Books

The Ultimate Book of Trivia

For Dads who love trivia, or have a fact or anecdote for any occasion, The Ultimate Book of Trivia is a great choice. Witty Dads can learn the only four words in English which end with “-dous” (tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous) or who the fictional sleuth Sheridan Hope eventually became.

My favorite treat was probably learning that red-bellied piranhas grunt!

For the great-debate Dad, one can even answer the question of Cat or Dog? Well, 11 questions, to be precise. Don’t worry, you’re favorite is shed in a positive light, I’m sure.

On Amazon starting at $2.99 on Kindle

Image: Chronicle Books

The Ultimate Book of Card Games

My favorite of Scott McNeely’s Ultimate Books*, The Ultimate Book of Card Games teaches over 350 card games and their many variations from Accordion to Zodiac. It features 10 sections and a glossary of playing card terms, which is handy for quick reference. This is a great choice for dads who must always have something to do. Between this book and any old deck of cards, Dad can keep kids, grandkids, and the neighbor’s kids enthralled for days, and there’s always something new to do on Guyday Night**.

On Amazon, starting at $9.99 on Kindle

Image: Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Every Day – a five-year memory book by Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Some time ago, I discovered the joy of reading letters and notes written by my forefathers. It struck me that my children and their children wouldn’t have countless letters between my wife and I when I’m gone. Nor would they have letters from my generation in general. Technology has removed this once-required part of our daily communication. For a wedding gift, I gave my wife a blank book, in which I add notes from time to time, so she knows I’m thinking of her and I can know that any poetic thoughts I exercise aren’t lost. It eventually struck me that I could (and should) do this for myself, too.

Since then, I’ve begun writing in Every Day. This journal lets me write a few lines each day for 5 years. It’s a natural way to remind myself of where I’ve been, and where I want to go in life. This is a great gift for your Dad, because it’s a nice way to wrap up a day. You can even start it in the middle of the year, no problem. I wrote a note at the beginning of mine stating that mine began on May 1st, so I’ll always be able to find the beginning.

On Amazon: $12.67


Any of these 6 books are great choices for Dad. In a pinch? Go straight for a copy of Every Day. It’s the simplest and most thoughtful choice available.

Still here? What are you waiting for? Choose your gifts soon, Father’s Day is June 18th. Here’s hoping Dad enjoys his gifts half so much as I’ve enjoyed each of these books.

*Scott McNeely’s Ultimate Book of Jokes isn’t worth it at all. I wouldn’t even buy it to have a “collection” if I were you. Really, it’s just that bad.
**Guyday Night: Coined by me, just now. You’re welcome.

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