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In honor of Father’s Day, today’s Stack Overflow is all about Dads.

Monster & Son

Monster & Son by David LaRochelle

In this book, daddy monsters and their sons rampage across delightfully illustrated scenes. Sea serpents, dragons, sasquatch, vampires and more share special father-son bonding time in this delightful bedtime story. This has quickly become a favorite in my house, and Captain O especially loves the page with the ‘Wampas’ (aka abominable snowmen).

Be Glad Your Dad

Be Glad Your Dad… Is Not an Octopus! by Matthew Logelin and Sara Jensen

For those who have reached the stage where their kids are embarrassed by their dad and his jokes, this picture book is a treat. Two kids imagine what it would be like if their dad was a variety of animals, and ultimately decide the dad they have is the best “…even if he is kind of annoying.”

Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon

A good book for very little kids, this board book features father and son animals. Each dad tries to teach his baby to say ‘Dada’ with zero success. Instead the baby cow says moo, baby duck says quack, etc. Finally at the end, all the babies finally ‘get it’ and shout ‘DADA!’ (except that duckling). Super cute!

Beard in a Box

Beard in a Box by Bill Cotter

We ADORE Don’t Push the Button by Bill Cotter, and were super excited to read this new title. In it, a little boy decides the source of his dad’s awesomeness is an impressive beard, and the little boy decides to mail order a beard kit from a TV infomercial. A great book about being a role model and teaching our kids by example.

Daddies Are Awesome

Daddies Are Awesome by Meredith Costain

An adorable rhyming book about all the great things dads do, illustrated with super adorable pictures of daddy dogs and their puppies. A good gift for any dog-loving family.

Let's Go to the Hardware Store

Let’s Go to the Hardware Store by Anne Rockwell

In this sweet story, a family buys a fixer-upper, and their two older kids visit the hardware store with dad to get some supplies. But after spending a long time there, and buying almost the whole store, they get home to find they forgot the one thing mom needed! A very sweet book, and a great start to learning home improvement words (spackle, brad, etc.).

Thunder Boy Jr.

Thunder Boy Jr. by Sherman Alexie

In his new story for kids, Alexie weaves his Native American heritage into a story about individuality and listening to our children’s expressions of self. A little boy who hates his name is given the chance to change it by a dad who is loving and aware. I loved this one.

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