Kickstarter Alert: ‘Marvelous Machines’ Augmented Reality Children’s Book Comes to Life (Sponsored)

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While virtual reality (VR) is going to be a big deal for gaming, it’s augmented reality (AR) that holds the greatest promise for learning and adding amazing levels of dynamism to the things we do every day. Enter today’s sponsor, Brad Grimm, and his latest Kickstarter project: Marvelous Machines: Augmented Reality Children’s Book.

Marvelous Machines Kicksatrter

From the project page:

Marvelous Machines is an amazing augmented reality¬†children’s¬†book. With the help of our remarkable app the pages come to life. You’ll love the animations and interactions that accompany the story. We still can’t decide who loves it more, parents or their kids. Which makes it the perfect gift to experience together.

I’ve played with these AR books and apps before and they are amazing. All you have to do is get the app that goes with the book (versions for both iOS and Android), and point your device at each page as you go through the story. The characters come to life, and interact with the pages in 3D!

This is Brad’s second project (the first was the very successful Goodnight Lad, which we featured previously on GeekDad, and which was successfully funded and delivered), and he looks to bring even more awesomeness to this new story. If you want to have an amazing experience reading a great story to your kids, consider supporting this Kickstarter project.

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