Father’s Day Is Coming: Have You Got Your GeekDad Books Yet?

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Geek Dad 3 BooksIt’s that time of year again–when geeky dads everywhere get Star Wars ties, LEGO coffee mugs, or their first Arduino kits. But most important, they need to be reminded that they ARE geeky dads. They need to be reminded they’re GeekDads!


So, what better gift than the books that let all geeky parents do fun and exciting projects with their kids, all the while learning a little science? There are three books in the GeekDad series, each one a little different, but all filled with fun:

Geek Dad.indd

GeekDad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share

The first book (and a New York Times Bestseller): it brings the fun with projects like building the best slip-‘n’-slide ever, or nighttime kite flying. If you don’t have any GeekDad books, this is the one to start with.


The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun: Cool Hacks, Cutting-Edge Games, and More Awesome Projects for the Whole Family

The second in the series continues with the awesome projects,¬†including a few from some famous geeky dads, like John “Munchkin” Kovalic, Stargate‘s David Hewlett, and even Rod Roddenberry!

Geek Dad Science

The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists: The Coolest Experiments and Projects for Science Fairs and Family Fun

The most recent GeekDad books takes a left turn at Albuquerque and heads directly for your school science fair, offering cool experiments (and the important science behind them) for your kids to perform and stand out with at their school fairs.

In cast all those descriptions weren’t enough to tempt you, included here is a sample project out of the first GeekDad book, so you can get an idea as to how much fun they are (right-click and save the file to download).

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