Daily Deals 061217

Father’s Daily Deals on a Shiatsu Foot Massager; Amazing Fluance Floor-Standing Speakers

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 061217

I bought thisĀ Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager for my wife last Christmas, but I’ll admit I’ve used it nearly as much as she has. There are few pleasures to compare to an effective, deep foot massage at the end of the day (especially if you’re sipping a nice bourbon while you do it). This machine will take your feet and toes right up to that “ow, ow, ow, oooh” point of working out the knots and abuse they’ve suffered during a day in shoes that don’t make them happy. This would make any dad happy this Father’s Day, and you can pick one up today for just $140.

I’ve current got a pair of these insane Fluance floor-standing speakers set up for review at home, and I really don’t want to ever give them up. The difference between having these pumping out the home entertainment versus the little satellite speakers that were part of my surround-sound setup is like night and day. The separation of sounds is amazing. I’m hearing things in Overwatch that I never noticed before, and the simple joy of listening to really good music through them is unparalleled; heck, the mid-range drivers in these speakers are as big as the sub-woofer that come with many boxed-up surround sound systems. If your budget will allow, these could be a Father’s Day gift to knock his socks off. They are $699 a pair. Or, check out the rest of the line of Fluance speakers, turntables, and more that could add some sweet sounds to your home.


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