When I First Held You

When I First Held You — 22 Dads, 22 Essays On Being A Dad

My oldest son turns 7 in two weeks. Where did the time go? And my youngest is just a few weeks after that, with him approaching the big 4. As birthday parties are being planned and requests for birthday gift ideas are made, I find myself sitting alone in my office, contemplating the job I’ve done as a dad and what waits for me in the years ahead. The reason for this contemplation is that I’ve been enjoying reading a series of 22 essays from a number of popular dad writers, all collected in a new book titled When I First Held You, and edited by Brian Gresko.

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The 10 Best Dads in Fantasy and Science Fiction

There are so few good dads in science fiction and fantasy. Fathers in so many stories are absent for one reason or another (death being fairly common), and sometimes they even turn out to be the villain! So where are the Mike Bradys of science fiction and fantasy? The Cliff Huxtables? You do happen upon dads of those stripes, or roughly equivalent ones, every now and then. Here’s our list of the top 10.

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Father's Day Gadget Prize Pack

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I really got to thinking about about some of the gadgets that I, as a father, really like. Most of my favorite gadgets are not the same as what my father would like, considering his interests. So I combed through my gadget catalogue and found a few ‘universal’ items that most dads would enjoy.

Also, thanks to our partners – you will have a chance to win all of them!

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'Vader's Little Princess' by Jeffrey Brown

So imagine a world where Darth Vader was a doting single father, trying to raise a set of headstrong twins while climbing the world domination ladder. We all know how difficult it is to find good childcare, so Daddy Vader is pretty hands-on–except for the occasional deployment of a trigger-happy droid. And he is wrapped around his darling daughter’s little finger. This is what Jeff Brown gives us with Vader’s Little Princess, the follow-up to his super popular Darth Vader and Son.

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For a Fun Father's Day, Try Cooper and Kid

The idea around Copper and Kid is something I’ve been passionate about for a while: helping give parents who want to spend time with their kids, but don’t know what do, an idea (or two or three). The Cooper and Kid concept is a kit subscription model for delivering an awesome, themed box filled with great projects, toys and ideas on a regular basis.

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Ryobi TEK4 AllPlay Revisited: The MP3 Player for Those Who Play Hard and Hate Charging Batteries

I’m a bit of a gadget geek. Between my own electronics collections and writing product reviews for outlets like GeekDad, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to play with gear. With Father’s Day fast approaching, I though I’d revisit one of my favorite portable music devices — one that’s inexpensive to boot — the Ryobi TEK4 AllPlay music player. Basically, this is a ruggedized, ultra long battery life MP3 player built around a rechargeable power tool battery. There’s nothing elegant about it and it does nothing but play music, but it will do that virtually forever. I’ve had one since a 2010 review, and it continues to amaze me with its performance. Amazon’s currently got it on sale for $25 — if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, it’s pretty hard to beat that price.

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