For a Fun Father’s Day, Try Cooper and Kid


The idea around Cooper and Kid is something I’ve been passionate about for a while: helping give parents who want to spend time with their kids, but don’t know what do, an idea (or two or three). The Cooper and Kid concept is a kit subscription model for delivering an awesome, themed, box filled with great projects, toys and ideas on a regular basis.

Right now, they’re starting out easy. They have one kit available: How Things Fly. It’s a great package – the box even turns into an airplane! Also included are a catapult kit, a rocket kit, and more. What may be the coolest thing is the care with which the projects are presented:

  • Educational via discovery
  • Hands-on building
  • Themed for both dads and kids
  • Multi-activity (6-9 activities)
  • Geography Neutral (i.e. no snow required)
  • Gender Neutral
  • A catalyst for self-expression and creativity
  • Both Nostalgic and Current

There’s a sense of both style and whimsy in the contents and instructions, and it encourages both fun and learning, which is all we GeekDads ever want.

Available from Cooper and Kid, $65.

Ken is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as civil engineer. He became the Publisher of GeekDad in 2007, and the owner in 2010. He also wrote the NYT bestselling GeekDad series of project books for parents and kids to share.