For a Fun Father's Day, Try Cooper and Kid


The idea around Cooper and Kid is something I’ve been passionate about for a while: helping give parents who want to spend time with their kids, but don’t know what do, an idea (or two or three). The Cooper and Kid concept is a kit subscription model for delivering an awesome, themed, box filled with great projects, toys and ideas on a regular basis.

Right now, they’re starting out easy. They have one kit available: How Things Fly. It’s a great package – the box even turns into an airplane! Also included are a catapult kit, a rocket kit, and more. What may be the coolest thing is the care with which the projects are presented:

  • Educational via discovery
  • Hands-on building
  • Themed for both dads and kids
  • Multi-activity (6-9 activities)
  • Geography Neutral (i.e. no snow required)
  • Gender Neutral
  • A catalyst for self-expression and creativity
  • Both Nostalgic and Current

There’s a sense of both style and whimsy in the contents and instructions, and it encourages both fun and learning, which is all we GeekDads ever want.

Available from Cooper and Kid, $65.

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