Enter to Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Image: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Image: Samsung

Mother’s Day has come and gone so now it’s time to plan for Father’s Day. Enter to win our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and you’ll have the perfect gift for the dad on your list!

We’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to one lucky GeekMom reader just in time for Father’s Day. This mid-sized tablet is small enough to take anywhere and includes an S Pen so there’s none of the frustration that sometimes comes with using a touchscreen device.

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment telling me why the Dad in your life needs a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 for Father’s Day and a winner will randomly be selected after the contest closes on Monday, May 27th at 12:00 midnight ET. Also, be sure you leave a means of getting in touch with you so I can let you know when you win. Contest open to residents of the continental United States only.

Good luck!

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127 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

  1. Would love this for my hubby. He is still using an old non-smart phone because he doesn’t like the touchscreens. This pen would let him become a user of the new stuff and get hooked on the data like I am.

  2. Heh, I’m the dad. I would love to win this as I have been looking at tablets to take notes on at school. On a positive note, if I did win this then money I have set aside would go towards buying the wife a matching tablet. As it is right now, I was planning on buying a pair of lesser Samsung tablets with the money without telling her and surprising her.

  3. I’ve read a few of the comments and every Dad and granpa and uncle out there sounds so wonderful, I wish y’all the best of luck.

    I’ll tell you about Daddy, my husband. This would be for him. He’ll be turning 40 this year and when we were just shy of 24 or 25 (I forget which, it’s been so long), he moved us to this little tech city at the height of the tech boom. For close to 15 years now, he’s survived layoff after layoff in the same big tech firm by keeping his head to the ground and working hard for his managers. Think a crew of 15 down to 3, then recently, 2 — for a giant campus of over 5,000 systems (my best guess.. I quit trying to keep up with their acquisitions). He’s a silent man, and aside from the one patent he has hidden away somewhere under his belt, no one would know he has brilliant ideas. He’s a writer who jots in a notebook every night, but the sheer fatigue of his work won’t allow him to carve that time out for himself. I think this would help motivate him, seeing this is for him and only him, and that he is worth something so nice. He should begin to give himself time again, to enjoy, to create, to innovate. To take back a part of himself that he has given to so many people over the years.

    His method for survival all these years is to keep us — his family — in the forefront of his mind like a little carrot. Sometimes, he’s conflicted because of the increased weight of his work and has, for so many years, wanted to move on, but he loves his clients .. and then this can never happen with a mortgage, a family to feed and Mom unable to land good work. As parents living in a hard economy, we have all sacrificed so much over the years, but I would say he was sacrificed the most of both of us — because all this time, he’s put himself last place. New clothes, new shoes and kewl stuff is few and far between for him — he gets to buy a cool pair of leather Keens for his monstrous feet on average once every 2 years when they wear out– and he puts up with Mom’s shoddy haircuts (mine). When it comes to tech, he says he likes his old, beat up Blackberry. But I suspect this more out of learning be detached, Zen-like, from things he knows we can’t have, can’t afford, or don’t have the luxury of playing with. I don’t know how he puts up with it .. you know, people must give him looks at work or freak out because, you know, he’s got this old thing with a cracked screen whose window-frame is gone. I think he justifies it by never using it in front of people — he works so hard and is always on the go on campus .. and then I know the type of person he is: He will give you his undivided attention, assess, talk, and take care of your needs before he thinks about pulling that thing out of his pocket, no matter how long it vibrates. (and, yes, it’s always on vibrate .. can’t nag him out of it!)

    He’s a dedicated, good man. Just like all the good, selfless, hard-working men here who are loved by the women who posted for him.

    You know.. now that I think about it.. if you pick Daddy, I know he would want you to pass it on to someone else.. and that someone else would be a soldier.

    We heard about the events in England yesterday and what befell a certain soldier .. and although we’ve been living under this shadow of bad stuff in the world for so long, you’d think we’re used to it .. yesterday, I saw my husband blink, reassess, and somewhere in his mind and soul, fear for his family, and for all the men out there who may one day have to defend our families and their nations.

    Daddy would say give it to a soldier on his behalf. You would make him very happy if you did. That’s the kind of guy he is.

    Thank you for the opp for me to write and reflect on what a special man I have in my life. 🙂

  4. My father would love this! It would be fun for him and help keep him organized. He deserves it for the simple reason that he’s a great dad! 🙂

  5. This would be a great gift for my father as he needs to upgrade his mobile technologies to keep up with the world. It would also help me keep in touch with him.

  6. The dad here has a very old feature phone that can barely send a text. This would be a significant upgrade and much appreciated and used.

  7. My dad has an old ipod, and no cell phone. While he does love his iPod, I think he could use an upgrade to bring him back in line with the rest of us!!!

  8. My husband would love this for various reasons. As a teacher, and as the person who does so many things in our home, this would be great for his productivity!

  9. My father is not the most tech savvy person, nevertheless, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I can help to show him how to work it exactly. This will be a great benefit for him because he is trying to run a Lawn Service buisness and the Note will help him to stay organized. My father would appreciate this greatly.

  10. I believe my dad would love to have a super smartphone as a Galaxy Note because it would help him at his work as a doctor: if he needs to take some data from internet, he has to reach the computer center, and I’ve hear he is not really into it (but has to do it anyways), so i think he would definetly appriciate to have this divece that is almost a mini-computer (and do his patients would too) 🙂

  11. My dad needs to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 because he is already un-employed and just helping in all the household chores but despite of this he is still looking for a way to make her daughter happy and buy the new samsung galaxy note 8.0 and he believes that Geekmom can help him to have this, her daughter’s fulfillment of dreams will be also his fulfillment. Her daughter’s happiness is his happiness also. It is showing the unconditional love of a father to his only daughter. 🙂

  12. My dad is one who not having any bigger wish. so much hard worker he won’t buy any good things which he likes. But he wish to give his best when some one asked means. So much lovable but he don’t know how to express with us.. He is using my mobile which is used last and bought n gave new mobile to me instead of him.. So i need to present this Galaxy Note 8 to my dad to make him happy that i can give..

  13. My dad is always sitting uncomfortably with his laptop in the living room doing random things that need to get done. This device will make things all so much easier for his, and what better time than Father’s day!

  14. This is so great! My father has been an amazing role model to me and the epitome of the immigrant American dream. He came to the U.S, has been through so many hardships, yet we’ve had everything we’ve ever wanted, and more. He is not very computer savvy, but android devices and tablets are the right mix of productivity and toy haha, and I know he would love it to check his email, and random information, as well as the baseball games, and what not. GL everyone!

  15. My dad would love this because he has the oldest computer in the world and having this would make his life 10 times easier!

  16. The company moved to a new building so he just started taking the bus to work. (The old place wasn’t near bus lines.) It’s 40 minutes each way on the bus so this would let him connect, design, learn and read instead of just read library books. He also runs a website for our school soccer team so he has to edit hundreds of game photos in the spring and summer. I’d rather that get done on the bus than late at night after everyone goes to bed.

  17. Well, quite frankly, my father is stuck in the stone age when it comes to electronics. He still uses a Sega to play video games and has never used a computer at the age of 64. He records TV shows with a VCR and blank VHS tape and still uses a pay phone instead of buying a normal cell phone lol. On this fathers day, I would like to surprise him with something ” futuristic ” in his own words and teach him how to finally enter the real world of electronics. Can you imagine trying to teach your father how to actually use a tablet? The bonding time, fun, and thought of that alone is enough for me to attempt to win this great prize for my great father! =] Thanks.

  18. My father used to love to read, but has a hard time holding up his heavy books. A small tablet such as this would help him to continue his hobby and might even get him to start emailing his us!

  19. My husband could use this because our 3 kiddos are constantly stealing his phone to play games, and he is too sweet to take their fun away.

  20. I never met my father but he left behind a piece of himself in his drawings and poetry. I have yet to attain his skill but I try and such a device would be a tremendous help.

  21. The dad in my life is a wonderful husband and great dad to 2 little boys. He loves technology and loves to teach others how to use it. He does not have anything with the android os, yet. This would be perfect for him to learn their system!

  22. My dad is actually my son-in-law. He’s got two kids, a girl and a boy. He’s in Afghanistan now, and just received a promotion. I think it would be a nice promotion gift, and a sweet Father’s Day surprise. He likes to read stories to his kids, and I think this would be a marvelous way for them to all stay in touch. The Army can be a difficult life for a young family, and he won’t be home until just before Christmas. He misses a lot as his kids grow up while he’s away. His daughter will graduate from pre-kindergarten this week, and he can’t be there to attend, but maybe this will help them all stay in contact.

  23. This would be my Dads first smartphone. I would love to teach him how to use one and be able to have face to face call with him. I can see him having a great time playing with all the great app. the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has for.
    And most importantly he would have bragging rights that he owns a better smartphone than his son. 🙂

  24. my dad deserves this because he is still stuck with apple. If he knew what the note line of products could really do he wouldn’t always default to apple

  25. (Looks like my 1st post didn’t take.)

    My Dad would love a Galaxy Note because of the video chat and all the Android apps. This would be his first tablet and it would fun to teach him how to use it.

  26. My husband could really use this instead of carrying around a laptop for work.

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