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Win a 6-Month Subscription to Loot Crate Just in Time For Father's Day!

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Loot Crate
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The Loot Crate subscription box is tailor made for geeks and gamers, and now you have a chance to win a 6-month Loot Crate subscription just in time for Father’s Day!

The idea behind Loot Crate is to provide a monthly subscription service specifically for the nerds of the world. Each month you’ll get a new box full of things like shirts, stickers, keychains, gadgets, collectibles, and even blind-box figures with a different theme.

I received the “Token” Loot Crate and it was all about classic arcade games. It included a Street Fighter keychain and blind-box figure, Space Invaders candy in a little arcade cabinet tin, and a Mushroom Kingdom Circuit Racing cinch bag along with other assorted game-themed loot.

Part of the fun is the community they’ve created around Loot Crate with people tweeting, Facebooking, and even posting unboxing videos on YouTube. You also get a spiffy membership card to make it all official.

The theme changes from month to month with past Loot Crate boxes including Doctor Who, space, and superhereos themes. You also get the chance to win a monthly Mega Crate which is, well, mega. Past Mega Crates have included things like a Halo 4 modded Xbox 360 bundle, so they’re really something else.

Subscriptions start at $19.37 per month including shipping with savings if you opt for a 3-month or 6-month plan. Want to win a 6-month subscription to Loot Crate for the Dad in your life? Simply tell us in the comments why he absolutely needs to have cool geek and gamer gear every month and a winner will be chosen at random after the contest closes at midnight EDT on June 10th. Open to shipping addresses in the Continental US only.

Good Luck!

I received a Loot Crate for review purposes.

*** Congratulations to Kim W. who won a six-month subscription to LootCrate and thank you to everyone who entered!***

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44 thoughts on “Win a 6-Month Subscription to Loot Crate Just in Time For Father's Day!

  1. My husband is an avid gamer, once a week in our house is “game night” where friends come over to play one or more games, depending on length of first game played, and he is often picked to beta test new games that are coming out. I can’t think of a better gift for him than a Loot Crate subscription!

  2. My husband has always been a geek and I love him for it. After the very recent birth of our son (2nd child) he has not been able to express his geekiness as much since handling the house and our daughterA Loot Box subscription would show him how much I appreciate him and his geekiness.

  3. I have to nominate myself because my kids can’t type…or write…or speak. Ok, they are puppies. I have no biological kids, but these girls are my life. And I promise if anything in the Loot Crate is chewable and non-toxic, I’d share with Buffy and Hera!

  4. “The Dad in my Life” is now my Mom, actually…and she LOVES to Geek-Out!

  5. My hubbs has given up quite a bit to help me follow a dream that will finally accumulate with me leaving the family for three months next year to participate in a photography program I was accepted into. We’ve put the majority of the gaming/geeky purchases on hold and buckled down so we can pay for the program out of pocket. This would be an awesome gift for him to share with the kids, to experience that new gaming smell again, and to say ‘thanks babe, you’re amazing’.

  6. Oh man, I think my husband and I would probably fight over who got the loot crate each month.

  7. My hubby’s a well-rounded geek – he loves comics, gaming, Star Wars, Star Trek… well, you get the idea. Something new and different each month? That’s right up his alley!

  8. My husband introduced our daughter to Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and other geek-tastic things. Now that she is 14 they love to enjoy geek together.

  9. I hate to do this, but I nominate myself. If I was not a geeky dad then my children would not be the maturing geeks that they are. I need more geek culture to pass on to them. Comic books, Japanese Anime, Dr. Who and more!

  10. Gaming is a huge part in both mine and my husbands life. Sadly, it’s taken a seat on the back burner for the most part ever since our baby girl was born. My husband works full time and was a full time student on top of that just recently. Not only is he a hard worker but he’s an amazing father and husband. So many times he’s had to choose helping others over gaming. Even on his days off, he doesn’t get to play much anymore and I feel horrible about it.

    I can’t think of a better way to say thank you than this contest!

  11. With five kids my husband only gets to play games late at night when kids are in bed. He deserves to have be treated to something to honor his knowledge of all things geek.

  12. My husband is a wonderful geek, and also a chronic fiddler – he needs things to keep his fingers occupied when they’re not on the keyboard!

  13. My husband is a teacher and we have a five year old son, so he stays busy. I would love to give him something to show my appreciation for who he is and the things he loves. He does so much for our family and we love so many genres of geekiness that I know he would love this gift! Thanks for always having such cool giveaways! 🙂

  14. My husband and I have two children and a third due next month. I have been in the hospital a lot for this pregnancy and it has not been easy for either of us. My husband definitely deserves a gift for being a trooper and he would love this!

  15. My husband spent his first ever Father’s Day as a father taking care of his new baby alone. It was less than a week after our first child had been born and I was readmitted to the hospital due to postpartum complications. Four years later, I’m sad to say that that first Father’s Day pretty much set the standard for repeatedly crappy Fathers’ Days. My husband works six days a week to provide for our family and gets very little for himself in return. He definitely deserves something a fun!

  16. My dad should win this. He is the one who takes care of us since our mom has her new boyfriend. He is a nerd-geek and has been for as long as I’ve known him. He taught us D&D as soon as we could read and plays games with us all the time. He is really cool, and I would love for him to win this.

  17. My husband has been through a rough year with many deaths in the family. We also have three children that keep him very busy and doesn’t leave him much time to embrace he geeky side. This box would make a fabulous surprise for him every month. He so deserves a little bit of happiness.

  18. My amazing hubs, NEEDS this because he is so busy taking care of all of us he doesn’t take care of himself and a fun monthly crate old make him smile, and if he is happy we are all happy.

  19. My husband is a gamer-geek in training. I’d love to help him discover his inner geek with a Loot Crate. He’s showing interest in board games and miniatures, but I’m hoping to help him become a well-rounded geek. 🙂

  20. My husband deserves this crate! He’s one amazing husband and an even MORE amazing father who LOVES to share his geekiness with our two kiddos (aged 10 and 4). He doesn’t get the opportunity to geek out as much as he’d like to because he devotes his time to being an amazing Soldier, and an even better father, so him receiving this for 6 months would be such a special treat for him!

  21. My husband is a closet geek and this would be a great way to keep all things secret

  22. My husdand is always looking for little things to indoctrinate his geeklets (our 4 yr old girl, 1 yr old boy, and 3 month old boy) He’s even gotten me on GoT and Doctor Who. This would be great for him.

  23. This would be an awesome gift for my dad. I imagine that the biggest fun would be going through it each month and discovering what kind of new stuff was in there.

  24. I would really love to be able to win this for my stepfather who loves all things nerdy. I was never close with my biological father and have not been able to open up to my stepfather the way he would hope. He cares for me very much, is always giving me little “just because” gifts, and has expressed a desire to adopt me. I care for him a lot, but my Cancerian crabbiness makes it difficult and embarrassing for me to tell him, haha. He has done so much for me and I haven’t done much for him, so I would like to be able to present him with this subscription as a no-words-needed “Thank you and I love you” for Father’s Day!

  25. My husband has pretty much given up his gamer past to wait patiently for our two young sons to come of age where they can all play together. This would be a nice surprise to help him get through these lean years.

  26. I love discovering new things with, and ABOUT my dad. I got him into the New Who, and he revealed that he used to watch the Doctor when he was young. This keeps happening! I think I’m introducing him to stuff, and then he turns out to be a wealth of geeky information for me! I’d love to crack open some of these boxes with him, and trigger some old memories and maybe share some new ones as well!

  27. If my son were typing, he would probably tell you that I needed the Loot Crate so he could have some of cool stuff out of it, because I would have to share. I would just have to. To be quite honest, I would share the contents with my son. If I won the Loot Crate it would be a neat activity for the two of us to share and bond over. No need to be selfish with it, especially when he loves a lot of the same Geeky Stuff I do.

  28. My father actually acts like he doesn’t like the geeky stuff I show him, but he totally does and I need to unleash his geeky self. He cracks me up! “Hey bud, what’s that?” “Oh, it’s just a STAR WARS LIGHTSABER PEN.. wanna use it?” and he just very cooly replies “Oh no, no..just wondering” and I laugh inside every time..I know he wants to play with it. I think if my dad saw all the crazy stuff the loot crates came with, he’d HAVE to admit to his inner geeky desires. MUAHAHAHAHA!

  29. My husband is not a nerd or a gamer, but his wife and son are, so this would be just the thing for all of us to share and enjoy as a family!

  30. My whole family loves video games, so this would be a fun thing for all of us to share and enjoy! My brother is a gamer, who likes to show my dad video games that they play together. I also am a gamer myself and this would be great for my dad to realize gaming is serious business, not just a waste of time like he thinks sometimes.

  31. The dad in this Geek House needs this because….. He is systematically introducing all the geeklings into everything geeky and teaching them to be themselves first and find what they like and want in life, while not letting any of them to forget to have fun along the way.

  32. Unfortunately my dad and I haven’t spoken for a number of years(thanks to my stepmother’s jealousy and lies) but I would love to have this to share with my brother.

  33. Geekiness is how we met, and we’ve been trying to raise our kids with the same geeky values. Loot Crates would be a great way for him to share with the kids, as he opens each box and explains the contents–and then fights them off for the rights to the goodies 🙂 !

  34. My partner is the greatest Dad to our two adopted children. He works harder than any person I have ever known. I wish I could give him surprises, alas, I am a stay at home Dad. I have been looking for something Geeky for him and this would be perfect. He is a software analyst and loves video games. He has taught our little ones to over use Rock Band and he spends his down time blowing up stuff on CoD or Halo. Loot Crates would be a great way to thank him for all the hard work. Father’s Day has a duel meaning in this household, but he deserves this more than anyone else. Sorry other commenters! Happy Father’s Day to all who commented and to every Dad!

  35. My boyfriend is definitely deserving of this prize. He got us a Minecraft server and I need some way to pay him back. This would be perfect!

  36. He is so busy with his job and taking care of us that he doesn’t make time to do the things he enjoys. Getting this once a month will make him take time to do something fun for himself.

  37. MY DAD needs loot crate because he had his best friends when they were younger used to play Mario and all of those old video games.Whenever he sees them or anything to do with them he gets really happy. Please make my dads Father’s day EXTREMELY HAPPY! My family has moved twice and almost to the second move in 6 months. My dad hasn’t had time to just sit down and relax maybe getting loot crate will help him be happy and relax A LOT more!

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