Say it With Caffeine (Sponsored by Zazzle)

Hacking the Holidays


It turns out that one of Zazzle’s perennial best sellers is none other than the noble coffee mug. That’s not really surprising, given that it’s long been a go-to gift for any occasion, but the Zazzle difference remains, as ever, variety.

From the classic white design to jumbo and travel sizes, and even to the more exotic fare like steins and temperature-sensitive color-morphing materials, Zazzle is all about helping you craft a product that’s one of a kind. Add to this an intuitive, browser-based design system, and you can fine-tune a mug that dad will love and be glad to call his own.

A fun, functional and affordable way to show your pop you care about his scrupulously maintained caffeine intake, Zazzle coffee mugs are the easy answer for the age-old question of what to get for the man who has everything. Plus, if you order before June 30th using the promo code GEEKDADZ2014 you can get a cool 15% off your mugs or t-shirts or any other merchandise from Zazzle. And your father did always tell you to spend your money wisely.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Zazzle

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