For Cold Brewed Coffee on the Go, Try Dripo

Cold brew is all the rage right now in the coffee geek world. It takes patience and planning–setting up your drip and letting it go for hours to get results, but the output has all the best flavor of your favorite beans while avoiding the acidity and bitterness that hot brewing can add. The problem is, making your own on the go hasn’t really been an option until now.

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Nesting in the 21st Century

With each pregnancy, I have waited for that nesting instinct to kick in, waited, and waited. I thought it had never hit, but as I look back over the months of pregnancy, I see a different kind of nesting. I nest with gadgets and gizmos. I reach for time saving technology and devices to make life easier.

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Uptown Espresso

Coffee and Games at Uptown Espresso

Among the many Kickstarter projects that I’ll be writing about this month, here’s one that stands out because it’s not your standard tabletop game campaign. The fundraising campaign for Uptown Espresso & Gameporium is for a game and a coffee-shop-game-store. Break From Reality Games is teaming up with Uptown Espresso, an established chain of coffee shops in Seattle, to expand their West Seattle location into a gaming hub: a coffee shop, game store, and community gaming space all rolled into one. And they’ve created a fast-paced card game about serving coffee to kick it off.

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