Perfect Espresso: Krups XP5220 Precise Tamp Espresso Machine

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The Krups Espresso model XP5220 along with the coffee we used for testing the flavor. As you can see, it classes up my countertop. Photograph by Corrina Lawson

We have limited counter space in my kitchen. (Well, we have limited everything in my small kitchen that somehow manages to serve six people.) So I’m extremely reluctant to add new items to the already cluttered countertop.

The Krups espresso machine has earned a permanent place.

I confess I’m not the coffee drinker in my home. It’s my husband and eldest son who consume mass quantities of it, especially on weekends. It also has to be gourmet coffee. No Maxwell House in this house. At the moment, we have dark roasts from Starbucks, Gevalia, and Paul Newman’s Green Mountain.

The one luxury item my husband lacks at home is an espresso machine. Krups fulfilled that desire by sending me their XP5220 model to try out.

I evaluated their machine on three criteria: ease of setup, product taste, and ease of general use.

It performed well in relation to all of them.

The setup included mostly attaching the filter holder correctly and reading the quick start instructions.

The top of the Krups espresso maker, with measuring scoop and water reservoir. Photograph by Corrina Lawson

Making the espresso was a simple process. Using the provided scoop for measure, the grounds are placed in the filter holder, while the water reservoir is filled.

Next step is turning on the machine. Press the power button and turn the dial to the cup setting. Set an espresso cup underneath the the filter and, in only a few minute, a steaming hot cup of espresso is available.

There are two other settings on the machine. One produces the steam that creates the foam for a latte, the other is for keeping the coffee hot.

I decided to mix it up and use the steamed milk to create a tea latte. The first time produced less than interesting results, as I should have added the tea to the steamed milk rather than vice versa. The second try went much better, though I’m not ready to give up my chai lattes at Starbucks as yet.

The bottom line: if you are a true coffee aficionado, an espresso machine is desirable and this one works so well that I’ve been told not to put it away. But the price tag may concern those less attached to espresso. The machine we tested retails at $199.99, and other models range from $129.99 to $299.99.

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